You Are So Very…

🙂 YOU – and I – need to remember this:

You Are So Very Beautiful…

And wait! You are much more than that…

You are so very beautiful

Picture from Besty Greer/

You Are So Very Beautiful. That’s what Craftivist Betsy Greer (and myself) want you to know. And that’s the name of her latest project.

Betsy and her friends have been collecting stitched affirmation signs, they had a big day back in February when they scattered the signs in public places worldwide – in Baltimore, Vancouver and London amongst other places – to remind people that no matter what they think, they are good enough.

More signs are being exhibited right now at the Fuller Craft Museum in Massachusetts until July the 10th – you can still participate and send your own signs, click here for more details.

Here is what Betsy says about the experience of stitching her heart away all these beautiful affirmations for complete strangers:

“Making things that are cute and have nice words on them has touched my heart in a way I can’t quite explain. I grew up thinking that all making and creating had to come from a negative place, that it was almost a type of exorcism to work through all that is bad. However, making all these signs has shown me that creating from (and with!) joy is truly where it’s at.

And it’s opened up my heart immensely as I go. Stitching, stitching, stitching. Thinking about making the words that people need to hear. You are so very fabulous. You are awesome. You are very wonderful. Thinking about releasing those words into the general populace. You are kind. You are worthy. You are enough.

Doing this project (and I think there may be more drops to come!) has shown me that making with joy begets more joy, both within yourself and in the way that you interact with others. It was like turning a light on, seeing the world anew in this light. And if you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you go make something that is joyful, and listen to your heart while you do.

Caveat: If you are a champ at guarding your heart like I am, please note that all of this joy may knock you back on your feet. This is one of the things we don’t talk about. Being overwhelmed by the good things. Being scared to let ourselves fall into them because we deserve them. It’s knocked me to my knees a few times, but each time less and less, letting in the light more and more. So go get the good things. Let them in. You’ve earned them, they’re yours, you are worthy.”

No need to say more!



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    1. You could try to make one for a Beastie one day, with a special message on it, you know something important like : you deserve more cake…

      1. Awww, they’d love that! Explorer Beastie could definitely stand to be reminded that he deserves more adventures, too. And all of them would benefit from reading “You are truly monstrous” when they get up in the morning 😀

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