where do we stand in slow motion


(photo: Thom Rimmer)


i don’t think I need one more invitation

i think i’m pretty sure,

i saw that film in slow motion.

i think too much, I know

but i think i saw that person blinks.

a coffee table, what a great place

to meet and eat noodles.

what about hysterical societies?

not where, but are they still going?

i think i met one of them once,

queueing in a shop.

i couldnt tell if he was laughing or crying

i only saw his jaw drop,

then a heavy silence fell,

it sounded like a cast-iron skillet

whacking someone on the back of the head.

i wish i had seen a coyote that day,

but i didn’t.

i heard a crow though

i guess that’s a good sign too…

thank you,

thank you for reading this.

it feels like cotton balls in between my toes

and hot stones on my back.

thank you.





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