thoughts on gratitude


I find that Gratitude is a useful tool to help you shift your perception quickly.

When I find myself stuck in negative thinking or if I start to feel low and think how hard everything is, I find that practicing gratitude is a very effective way to shake that off. I start making a list of all the things Im grateful for, which makes me bring my focus on the good things in my life and no longer dwell on the areas that are harder.

When communicating with animals, we might find it hard to stay focused and keep the connection opened between ourselves and the animal. I find that practicing gratefulness at that very moment really helps. Because when we do, we are more in that Heart space, we allow the shield to come down for a while and we allow the connection to take place from the heart. We no longer think too much, doubt and fears seem to vanish and in doing so we feel a wave going straight to our heart. It’s warming, it makes us feel vulnerable but also stronger, because we went through to the other side of fear and we realise that actually we are strong, bold and fearless and we can do anything.

So gratitude, again and again. Write yourself your own prayer with all the things you are grateful for…


I’m so grateful that you stopped by and took the time to read this, thank you!





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