A Cat Story…

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On my workshops I often share with the attendees how much I like the Rudyard Kipling story, The Cat That Walked By Himself, from Oh So Stories. you can read it Here.


This story is in a similar vein, but from Zimbabwe. It does encapsulate cats very well too… This is dedicated to all Women, Cats and Catwomen everywhere…

Once upon a time, there was a wild cat, who got tired of living alone and chose for herself a husband, another wild cat who she thought was the finest creature in all the jungle.

To All Women…

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sedna and king gull small

Sedna and King Gull

Women of all kind

Be proud to be who you are

Don’t make yourself small

Allow your soul to unfold.

Please get together

You are more than YOU can see:

Like a rock, you’re strong,

Like fire you can rise, roar,

Soft as a feather,

Beautiful like a tiger.

You’re Earth, Wind, Fire…

And you can dance with the sea.

Don’t doubt, dare to trust,

See your uniqueness, women

Without you this world

Could never possibly change.