Never really there.

I really thought that was the end of that. But clearly I was wrong. No signs, no evidence. Just shreds of paper. I could hear the unmistakable sounds… right above my head. One of the dogs could hear it too, even though she chose to ignore it. Maybe it’s the best way? Ignore it andContinue reading “Never really there.”

From the water’s edge

Here is a series of pictures I recently took from the water’s edge in Weirwood Reservoir, which is one of my favourite places around here. It is a big body of water made of the Medway River – even though it is only a stream at that point (the Medway starts around here), there is aContinue reading “From the water’s edge”

Local Wildlife Protection Mission…

I went for a walk this am, to visit one of our local pond which is a small sanctuary for wildlife and a great bird watching spot. I was sat on the bench there, listening to all the bird songs and enjoying watching them all. As I got a bit closer to take a pictureContinue reading “Local Wildlife Protection Mission…”

An encounter with God

Yesterday, I had a lovely time, teaching special yoga in a local disabled centre. We reflected on kindness and on bodhicitta – wishing good things for ourselves, the persons we love, those we don’t like, all the sentient beings around us: the animals – pets and wild – plants, the planet… Everyone!

Badger Stories

“I would ask you to remember only this one thing,” said Badger. “The stories people tell have a way of taking care of them. If stories come to you, care for them. And learn to give them away where they are needed. Sometimes a person needs a story more than food to stay alive. ThatContinue reading “Badger Stories”

Entre Chien et Loup

Dear friends, First of all thank you. If you have ever attended any of my workshops, you may know how I like to stress out the importance of gratefulness. Gratitude is like magic. It is a beacon of light that can shine when we find ourselves in the dark. It’s a key. It opens doors.Continue reading “Entre Chien et Loup”

The Wheel of Time…

I think a lot of people obsess with the weather when they are conversing. I have noticed that writers seem to be obsessed with time. Here we are, at the end of May. Boy turned 10 earlier on this month. I still dont understand where that time went…

Tough times for Badger

Painting by c.g.young In Britain, The Wind in the Willows (Kenneth Grahame) has been a childhood favourite for many generations and is probably one of the main reasons why so many British people hold the badgers so close to their hearts. Badgers are an iconic species of the British countryside and have been in theContinue reading “Tough times for Badger”

From the Bird Hide…

Boy and I went birdwatching with some friends today and we were very lucky. As Boy and his friend were busy looking for large branches of trees to throw in the water, I stayed in the bird hide with my binoculars and I got to see ducks, crows, Canadian geese, a cormorant, a heron in flight, landingContinue reading “From the Bird Hide…”