Yarn Trail across Sussex

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Like good Local Pubs, it seems that good Local Yarn Shops are on the decline.

Of course, online shopping has become the norm for everyone and their cousins and that’s understandable, because finding a Good Local Yarn Shop has become increasingly difficult.

Why? Because we shop online.

Why do we shop online?

Tree Portraits

Nature, photography

During my daily stroll in the woods this morning, everything was wet and very muddy.

The streams were running very fast, the ferns, the tree trunks, the mushrooms and even the moss look all glossy and wet. So wet…

I decided to photograph portraits of some of the trees I walked amongst, to capture how they look when wet… All the photos were taken during this morning’s walk. I hope you’ll get to feel the atmosphere of this wet, windy, wonderful, whimsical, woodland, wordless walk… (Any more w words?).

The patience of Moominmamma

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moomin mama knitting

Since being a mother I do often feel like I’m Moominmamma, with my knitting always at the ready in my bag, along with Boy’s survival kit: Rescue remedy, a spare pair of woolly socks, a pen knife, a palm drill, a half finished pom-pom, notebooks and pencils for drawing on the go, string, magnifying glasses… And all the things collected in the woods every day: shiny golden bottle tops, twigs and small sticks, pretty leaves, stones, bones, moss and pine cones…

And the patience. To wait. To listen. To be still. Even when a storm of wild, loud chaos unfolds.

Remember remember, the blur of November

Nature, photography

Feet Nov 2015

I turned 37 recently – I think.

It’s been a bit of a blur ever since. That strange feeling is back again. A familiar place is being torn into pieces as we enter in the dark depths of winter.

Autumn Sky

I have been living  in the South East of England for 9 years. Because I’m not english I can’t quite get my head around the fact that here, almost everyone I know pays an extortionate amount of rent to live in a damp and mouldy house – and they accept it as normal. Along with crappy showers. Here most houses are poorly built/insulated which is a pity in such a damp climate.