In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”


A while ago I found this head-less teddy in the forest. He was sitting on a branch, up a tree just like that.

I watched the series Twin Peaks years ago. I am French, but I watched the whole thing in English, over a few nights with my husband (who is English). My brain was in English mode and I did find it creepy when I heard “J’ai une ame solitaire” in French in the film.

In the story it’s a suicide note left by the keeper of Laura Palmer’s diaries, but then another character randomly says it later on in the local diner. Each time it made me jump, literally.

A french person would probably say: Je suis une ame solitaire, meaning “I’m a lonely soul”, but here it says “I have a lonely soul”. It’s correct, but it’s not the way most people would naturally say it, so it makes it sound even more spooky!

This photo reminds me of that quote… A lonely, ghost like head-less soggy teddy haunting the woods like une ame solitaire…. I wonder if Bob got something to do with it….

“J’ai une ame solitaire…”

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“J’ai une âme solitaire”

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“J’ai une âme solitaire”

There’s not much I can do about it,

Especially when I’m amongst other souls

I end up feeling more lonely than if there were no other.

Of course I can always try to beat it

But I get caught up in my thoughts about owls

who, as you know, are not what they seem.

My friend Fox keeps leaving his trail behind him

I keep finding the odd shoe or teddy he has borrowed

And he leaves them in my way, on the side of the road

or in the woods, and when I find his trail,

It makes me smile without fail.

Then I’m reminded that I’m not on my own after all!

Even if that feeling of loneliness is within me

The reality is: my animal friends are all around me

and they keep leaving treasures behind

For me – or whoever pays attention – to find!

 With all my love to the owls, the foxes and all the animals who walk, crawl, swim or fly over this Earth.