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imageThis morning this cow came to me, as a reminder:

i must honour my duty, stories have been brewing.

i know her.

as I’m busy preparing and thinking

about this coming workshop,

she came and nudged me gently

“keep going, do not stop

but remember our story”.

Goodbye Zara

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“My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today.”
― Richard Adams, Watership Down

Goodbye Zara,

wherever you may go next,

may you find and carry joy and happiness,

truthfulness and love…

may these words be your shadow,

may you be happy, content,

healthy, loved and playful,

wherever you may go now.

I am fortunate, I got to cross your path

only once,

last week.

I wish you all the very best,

and even more.

far beyond that.

“Thank you!”

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I’ve uploaded a new video to my youtube channel, as promised at the end of my “Telepathy with your dog” video:

This is a guided practice for preparing you to communicate telepathically with your animals. I hope you will enjoy it and that you and your animals will get a better and deeper understanding of one another :)

Here is a video I did a little while back, which is a good intro for the video above…

I have just learned of the death of Dr Masaru Emoto and his last words were “Thank you!”.

Expressing gratitude is a great way to keep our hearts open, and it’s a great practice while we are communicating with animals whenever we find it difficult to stay focused and heart centered.

Dr Masaru Emoto’s work showed us how our intentions affect water, as you can observe the different patterns of water crystals when the water is frozen.


A Water crystal exposed to “I love you”

In one of his experiments, he exposed water to a note saying “I love you” and the crystals looked beautiful, whereas they looked completely chaotic when exposed to “I hate you”.

If we think about it, our bodies are made up to 70% of water and our brains are 90% water, so the thoughts and intentions we have towards one another and oneself surely affect us on a cellular level too…

Anyway here is a video he made about his research, as a humble tribute to his life’s work :)

Here I’m in the middle of organising my next animal communication workshop, and this time the theme is Dog. It will be over a few Sunday afternoons at the end of November, I hope to see you there :)

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them,
Filling an emptiness we don’t even know we have.” – Thom Jones (American writer)

Have a lovely weekend,






i want to write because…

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“I want to write because I find expression of my thoughts and emotions releasing and revealing”


Hooded crow (Corvus cornix) in flight

… and also because it takes me to an unknown path.

When I go down that path,

I hear a crow and I feel safe,

like I have a life long friend by my side.

I might sometimes write my way to Africa,

sometimes only down the road,

but it always takes me somewhere safe, and clear.

I connect with my old friend soul,

together we detangle the yarn of life.

The happy times, the grieving times,

the times when I feel lost and alone, unloved

and the times when I feel life is the most precious gift.

I heal my relationship with others, and with myself.

I learn to trust, others and myself.

I reflect, self-reflect

Doubt and self-doubt…

And I always feel better for it.

“Live your life as an experiment” – Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

Hammerhead sharks, Crow and Blue Swimmer Crab

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Hammer-head sharks, Crow and Crab

revealed themselves to me that morning,

after i sat in silence

on a chair in a circle, in a village.

the hammerhead sharks came first

and i felt safe instantly.

through me they sent an invitation

for a blond mermaid looking girl

to explore her emotions

a bit deeper on paper.

My prompt led her to meet whales,

then butterflies.

i can’t help but feeling a pull

towards the hammerhead shark

whenever I feel lonely, left out or sensitive

Hammerhead shark reminds me that

spending time on my own isn’t a curse

but a great opportunity

to swim fluidly through the waves of these emotions of mine

before they turn into unmovable rocks.

the hammerhead shark makes me feel protected on many levels

and i’m grateful for them to come to me.


Crow keeps coming to me too…

Although i know he is often around but unseen,

as a friend and protector.

yesterday he kept me company on 2 paths

the path of words unravelling from my soul

and the cycle path on the way home.

crow doesn’t usually say much

he is usually just a friendly presence,

watching over me like a close friend

as he landed on the path in front of me:

laid back, relaxed, amused, as if he was making fun of me

like an old friend.

i sometimes wonder if

crow isn’t a manifestation of my own father?

Blue crab asked me to tell his story,

like with everyone’ stories there are sad and happy times,

magic, light, wisdom, good meals and dark sea beds.


Ferdinand Bauer, Portunus Pelagicus Blue Swimmer Crab – watercolour 1806-1826, the Natural History Museum, London.

“I’m fast and I won’t be prey. I bury myself in the sand and I like watching the light coming from the top, sometimes it’s very bright and it lights up the sea bed. I’m used to darkness. I don’t like being picked up or handled. My life is simple you might say, but for me it’s full of action, drama, vibrations, rippling sounds… fears, the satisfaction of a good meal… Maybe not so many internal brainy turmoils as I take life as it comes, I live in the moment. I’m in the now and life is good” – Blue Swimmer Crab.

Blue Swimmer Crab has fascinating eyes, blue claws and an interesting pattern on his back and legs. His two front claws look like two pelican beaks with lots of teeth. The pattern on his back looks like a map of a world, with the shape of symmetrical lands.

Crabs feel very grateful when people free them from careless fishermen, SO do what you need to do to get them out of the crab pots or buckets before they end up on a fishmonger stall and boiled alive.

Whenever you feel that pull to set them free don’t ignore that call, they are calling you for help and need you to listen to your heart. Don’t dwell too much on how, just get them out of there!

Look in the eyes of a crab, and he will speak to your heart. Listen carefully for his message is simple but profound.

When you see someone fishing, focus your intention on telling the fishes in the water to go swimming somewhere else and stay away from that zone. Send that message out clearly again and again, it will work!

Savvy the spider

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 He found the Spider in his clothes again that morning. It wasn’t the first time he found the Giant House Spider in his study. She was always in the same spot and every time he would disturb her, picking up his clothes, she would run top speed across the room, to find another hiding place. And He would try to catch her, but She could make herself very small if she bended her knees, and she could fit in very small corners.

Eventually, he would manage to get her in a big pint glass, with a magazine at the bottom and would gently put her outside, in the garden which is on the other side of the building. Nevertheless, she was always back, in that very same spot.

He was amazed by her stubbornness. Somehow, she would always make her way back, without being seen, by anyone. Was she creeping across the house at night when everyone was asleep? or was she racing the journey back during the day, in plain sight?

He thought she had escaped when she fell off his hoody when he picked it up from the pile of clothes left on the floor. She fell and landed on her feet, her legs starting to run at top speed as she touched the carpet, to race across the room to find a hiding place. Just when he thought she had successfully escaped, his eyes sweeping over the carpet, he saw her trying to camouflage herself along a box on the floor. He put the big pint glass around her and watched her. He couldn’t help admiring the beauty of the marking on her back, she was of a decent size for a Eratigena atrica. He called her to come and meet her.

He wanted to find out why the spider kept coming back and what was her message.

The spider was trying to climb up the edges of the glass unsuccessfully. She gave up and decided to wait, bending her knees, gathering her legs around her body.

The Spider’s message was crystal clear. “Set your intentions. Focus… sharpness. Increase your focus and act intently. Don’t be loose or flimsy about yourself, others or what you want.”

Her little boy who was sat near the glass, staring in awe at the spider decided to call her “Savvy”. He left the room to draw a picture of her.

“Why do you keep coming back in the same spot?” she asked softly to the spider who had now started to relax a little.

Her answer was brief: “Warmth, darkness, comfort. It’s going to get colder soon, I must find a place for winter now, that’s the best place I have found”.

– But you keep being disturbed though…

– Yes, and I’ll continue to be until I find the exact spot where no one sees me or cares that I’m there. When you find a good spot it takes a few attempts to be able to settle in.

– What’s next then?

– I want to get out, I don’t like it where I am now (the glass).

– We’ll set you free. Don’t worry. I just wanted to talk to you, we won’t harm you… we were just wondering about the right place for you to go to… our garden shed might be a good option? It may not be as warm as here but you will find plenty of spots where you’ll be undisturbed…

– Yes, maybe. I don’t want to have to compete over territory with others though. Here is good because I’m the only one. I have room to re-populate the place, it’s quiet and cosy.

– You keep hiding in our clothes though… Clothes that we need to wear everyday. Should we let you out so you can decide for yourself where you would like to go?

– Yes

– Can you not come back in this very spot, in our clothes? Maybe you could find a spot not as comfy but out of the way?

– I never know if I’m in the way until I’m found, chased or caught.

– Be careful. some people are afraid of you and might want to kill you.

– I’m afraid of people, I don’t kill them.

– Some people do that though, they kill what they fear…

– How odd…

– Yes be careful please spider, I don’t want you to get into trouble. How could we make your life happier?

– You could let me stay and hide here?

– No I can’t have you running around here and not knowing where you’re hiding, but you are welcome to live in our shed… Should we try? If you don’t like it you will be able to escape through the window, as we’ll leave it open all day today. We will drop you gently near the window, so if you don’t feel safe, you can escape and go somewhere else..

– I’m scared of birds, they eat spiders.

– You’ll have to be careful then, Savvy the Spider. Do you have a message for me?

The message from Savvy the Spider is:

Focus and remain focused. Sharpen your senses, keep moving forward with intent.




On Connecting with the Heart…

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As some of you, dear readers, may already know, I have spent some time over the last few years exploring the extremely profound experience one has when connecting with the heart. Heart to Heart communication can take many forms such as telepathy, animal communication but also art, poetry or music. It requires us to be open, to be still and to listen. This openness means taking the shield down and foregoing shame, shyness and any kind of worry about what other people may think. And of course, being observant. This heart-felt way of connecting with other beings requires courage and open mindedness and the willingness to listen. It’s a path for the warriors, the bold ones who are willing to embrace new ideas and ways of thinking.

Connecting with Nature with our hearts is, I believe, what would ultimately heal our society.

If only everyone were to spend 5 minutes a day just paying attention to Nature around them and allowing the healing to take place…

Just noticing what direction the wind is blowing, or the subtle transformation of the trees every day, or noticing and listening to the bird song filling the air, connecting with a dog or a cat, lying on the grass to watch the clouds passing by or admire the beautiful artwork of a spider spinning her web…

Or just walking barefoot on the earth, acknowledging the animals you meet and the natural world around you, even if it’s just a small garden or a park…

Taking the time to whisper something in the ears of the animals who live with or around you…

Just 5 minutes everyday, spent connecting with the natural world with an open heart, taking it in and letting it go through you… Try it and tell me how you feel :)

This video tells you how it works, and I hope that it will make you reflect on the power of connection through the Heart with other earthlings (plants included).


Dolly, Barbie, Nettle and Chicory’s last words for us all…

Animal Communication


It was such a strange day yesterday… a day where there was beauty with underlying sadness. You know, when beauty feels sad. The sun was out and it was warming everyones’ spirits all afternoon. My psychic abilities were very sharp and I could perceive things with a vibrant glow. When I came back home, I got the farmer’s text. It said: “Cows going to butcher tomorrow. Don’t know the time yet.” I had to go there straight away, to say goodbye, to see them one last time and to take the very last pictures of them as cows, which I have used in this very post…

On my way, I had to stop at the organic produce shop where I bought them a lot of parsnips, as a goodbye treat. I got to the farm late afternoon/early evening and as soon as I got to the milking parlour, the first cow I saw was Dolly. She grabbed my attention straight away. She was waiting to be milked outside of the parlour, and she was eager to connect with me. I picked up on her sense of emergency. She said “I’m glad you came, we need to talk”. Barbie was being milked right in front of me, Chicory was done and Nettle was to be next. I briefly spoke to the farmer and his apprentice before going around the back, to see the cows. By that point, Barbie was done and I was connecting with her, Dolly was in the other pen, trying to get to me.

Barbie is (was!) such a special cow! we had a very special connection together. She gave me a lot of very good advice regarding the book I’m in the middle of writing with the cows. She told me once that I should be a team player with that project and that I should accept help and ask for help. A few months later, she was giving me loads of advice when I facilitated my first ever Animal Communication workshop with them at the end of last summer. She said to me something very powerful that had such a strong impact on me: at the end of the workshop she said that I had to respect the relationship that the (at the time new) farmer had with the cows. She said that even if it wasn’t how I wanted it to be, I shouldn’t interfere and let his relationship be whatever it is meant to be. She taught me that everyone who comes to the farm has their own and unique relationship with the cows and I should always respect that and not interfere. This is by far the best piece of advice I have ever received regarding Animal Communication.



Then Winter came. Barbie gave birth to a male calf and that calf was taken away two weeks later. Barbie was devastated. I remember her walking around the barn, looking everywhere for her calf. She could hear, see and smell the other calves and they kept reminding her that she had lost hers. She told me that she felt as if she was lost in the dark. She had these big dark circles around her eyes, like someone who hadn’t slept for ages… and she was wandering around like a ghost, completely heart broken. I could feel her pain. The sadness, the loss… At the time I wrote about it here. She never really recovered from that last trauma. She was broken. She has been depressed and miserable ever since… and depression is contagious. Barbie’s depression has spread throughout the other cows in the barn, from then on.


Nettle and Barbie

Then I went to find Chicory who didnt feel like talking. She felt let down. The farmer has been trying to rescue her, with a local lady. It was all happening. He had built a strong case with the farm committee and as she was his favourite cow he was really hoping to save her… She was still strongly connected to the previous farmer. I briefly met that lady on Sunday evening. She was a bit of a show off… I didnt have a very good feeling about her. She was coming to milk Chicory by hand so the farmer could see how she was getting on before arranging for her to have the cow… Apparently it turned out that she had no food and no building sorted for Chicory. She was about to just let her stay outside. So it was decided that it wasn’t a viable option as Chicory would have needed food and shelter, especially as she was supposed to give birth there…

So Chicory knew that the farmer was sorting something out for her…  it didnt work, and when I saw her for the last time, she was silent.


Chicory didn’t feel like eating the parsnips I had brought. She took it in her mouth, dropped it, sniffed it…


looked at me… and walked away.

I must say that the barn was very noisy as a few cows were in crisis mode. The remaining calves, the lucky ones who got to stay with their mums for a few months were all locked in a pen, and their mums couldn’t have access to them and they were going mental. The calves were calling their mums, the mums were calling back to the point where their throats were growing hoarse and they were losing their voices. Thistle came to find me and asked me to open the pen so that the calves could come out. I was very tempted and had to stop myself from doing so. But then I thought that as soon as the farm staff would find out they will split them up again… I apologised to her. She was mooing as loud as she could with her broken voice, urging me to help her. I told her that my help wasnt going to suffice. I tried to go and see the calves in their pen, and also to have a look at how it was closed… She screamed in my face, she was in crisis mode and then forced me out of the barn with her horns, pushing me towards the gate and she asked me to not come in. She said she wouldnt let any human come anywhere near that pen. She was worried for her calf. She feared that someone would come and take him away. I told her that the calves were probably going to be moved to another barn. I thought to myself that it was such a bad timing to separate the calves from their mums, right when these four cows are about to be sent off to slaughter…


Thistle telling me that if I wasn’t going to help her then I should stay away as she doesnt want any humans to take her calf away…


Thistle mooing at me telling me to stay away and crying for help


Thistle looking sad and feeling hopeless.

Thistle has always been very nice to me. I felt extremely sorry that I couldn’t help her… but farm staff were about and if I had indulged in my urge to set the calves free, it would have been obvious it was me and they would have had to put them back in straight away.

I felt attracted to the lower gate, pulled like a magnet… and as I was standing there, Dolly came to the gate and stood next to me. She was very still and looked at me. It was getting dark and the two pictures I took of her are too dark as you can see below (as I don’t use flash as a general rule and especially with animals…)


My last moments with Dolly. That’s how I’ll remember her… standing next to me in the dark… giving me her last  message for you all, while I was stroking her, crying. I’ll never forget that moment. It was extremely moving.

Then I started to connect with the four cows who were due to leave the next day. I could feel that they were all giving me their last words. Here is the conversation we had:

Me: What are your last instructions for me?

All of them: You need to get the farmer to be more grounded. Before he communicates with us his preparation should be a grounded meditation.

For me: Pay attention to the signs around you. You receive information and messages all the time but you don’t always notice them.

Me: Barbie, Nettle, Dolly, Chicory… you are going tomorrow… They are sending you off. You are going to die tomorrow. You’ll have to be brave. don’t be scared. Tomorrow the sun will rise and you will go to the morning milking session as usual. Then during the day a truck will turn up and park down by the gate down there. You will be loaded on the truck, the four of you altogether. The truck will take you somewhere else, you will feel the wind on your face and everything will move quite fast while you are on the truck. You will arrive at a sad place, where you will be unloaded, then you will be in a line, it will be noisy and you will see and smell death. Humans will kill you: they will cut your throats open. I’m really sorry that humans are doing this to you. You’ll find it stressful. Do not worry, you will die quickly and then your spirit will leave your body and you’ll be free to go wherever you want.

Dolly: I’ll come back here and see the other cows and then I’ll come to visit you.

Me: Yes please, do! What’s your last message for humans?

Barbie and Dolly: Love. I’m glad it’s over, I’m glad to move on. Thank you for coming tonight to tell us about tomorrow. I’m glad it’s over

Me to Barbie: I could feel your pain since they took your last calf away… It was horrible. Shortly after it happened you told me you felt like you were completely lost in the dark…

Barbie: Yes I’m glad I don’t have to go through that again. I want to move on.

Dolly: People need to be reminded of death. They need to think about it regularly. It’s a part of life. Remember us, remember our story. Go and visit farms and meet the animals there, to remind yourself of death and that some beings are less fortunate.

To me: Pay attention to the signs around you. Enjoy, relax, don’t worry. Go with the flow, don’t try to have control, it’s pointless. You are not in control, ultimately.

It’s my last night in this body. Tomorrow I’ll see my last sunrise as a cow. I’m not scared. I know I won’t like it when they kill me but I’ll be relieved. Thank you for letting us know.

Live in the now.

Barbie had one last request : She asked me to get in touch with a human friend of hers that we both know (another animal communicator called Pea) , to let her know of her passing. I did.

Then I cried in silence, while stroking Dolly and telling her how much I loved her and how special she/they were. Eventually Dolly said goodbye and went to lie down and went in a meditative state.

I felt like praying for them. I did, with all my focus and all my heart, as hard as I could.


A picture of Dolly (forefront) that I took last December.

As I am writing this tonight, I can feel that they are with me, especially Barbie and Dolly. Their presence has made me shiver a few times.

I hope that this story will go through you, move your heart, and that you will allow yourself to feel sad. I also hope that you will not chose to react with anger, frustration or a vigilante mindset. These negative emotions will not take you to a happy place and it will not make any difference at all.

I would like to add a note here regarding the farmer and his apprentice. When I went to talk to them in the milking parlour last night, while she was milking Barbie the farmer’s apprentice said to me with her gentle voice and her lovely Scottish accent:

“I tried to tell them today, I don’t know if they heard me, but I did tell them”. They are both keen on animal communication and I have helped them to connect with the cows many times. They are young (early 20’s), with little power to make decisions and they are not bad people. The farmer’s apprentice has a natural ability to communicate with animals telepathically, even her Dad told me that she has always done it, as far as he can remember. They are just doing their best with the situation they have got which is not pretty. They do love the cows and they are doing their best. Who knows where their paths will take them?

I’m tired of the Animal Rights activists views, implying that things are either completely black or completely white and that any human involved in farming is an asshole. Things are more complicated than that. The thread that connects all beings with one another is very intricate. Everyone is doing their best with where they are at. Dairy farming is a very ugly trade, there is no questioning it, but the human beings who are caught up in it are only humans, with their own struggles and weaknesses.

So please let’s forgive one another, let’s not point the finger at each other, let’s not judge… Let’s try to understand them, from a place of love. When these cows were violently killed earlier on today, a part of every single one of us was violently killed with them, because we are all interconnected. That’s why the world is in such a state of confusion and destruction. Let’s not feed the ugliness in the world with more ugliness. Let’s try to heal it with love and kindness…

Thanks for reading me,


Four cows need help urgently!

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We had such an amazing time last Sunday, during the first installment of my 3 part Animal Communication workshop with the cows. I’m doing a re run of last Sunday tomorrow, for a mum and her son who had a bug last week and couldn’t be with us back then. I’m really looking forward to share this very special time with the cows with them tomorrow! I’m very excited to work with children on this. It’s amazing to witness their natural ability to communicate with animals. They seem to have this inner closeness to animals. They just look at them in the eyes and they feel what’s going on instantly. It’s beautiful and it gives me a lot of hope for the future too!

ImageI’m deeply in debt for the herd of dairy cows who guided me patiently through the maze of telepathic communication with animals. I facilitate Animal Communication workshops with them on request on a regular basis and half of the money I receive through these workshops with the cows go towards a Cows Fund to create something nice for them through a non farming related project, for instance finding them a retirement home and being able to get them there.

My first project is an emergency: I’m currently trying to rescue four cows who are scheduled to go to butchers in a few days time.

The farm who owns them is in the middle of deciding wether or not they will let them go for free. I have contacted a few animal sanctuaries who might decide to have one, two, three or all of them, but it all depends on the farm gesture of kindness towards these animals (they could get £700-£800 per cow from butchers). Some of them are pregnant and they all have mastitis. They are lovely, still have their horns on and would probably need to be hand milked for a while.

Dairy farming is not a particularly kind business. Farmers tend to disconnect from their hearts when they go in “farming mode” and have to make such decisions. Then they suppress it down somewhere and it haunts them for a long time. They are in a very difficult position too. I feel it’s important to support them to stay heart centered at all times and help them when they are trying to do their best with the situation they’ve got, which is not pretty . It’s very hard sometimes but I try to be non judgmental and to respect the farmer’s relationship/connection with the animals he is taking care of. I really don’t want to create another division as in good vs bad, I believe that every time you launch a war with something outside of you then you create a war inside yourself as well. Farming badly needs heart centered people at the moment and they are the ones who struggle to last very long because they can’t handle the pressure, coming from everywhere. I’m really hoping that by getting more and more people to connect with the cows they will develop their own relationship with them, and get involved with farms to give them a gentle push so they can develop a new way of farming animals: on a very small scale and with a harmonious relationship with the cows. I feel it’s important to not desert the cows and to be by their sides, to remind farmers/carers what the cows want and to try to alleviate the cows suffering. It’s not easy but it’s important to be with them and try to help. A lot of the time there is not much we can do, but I feel it’s important to not give up and try again and again… eventually it will work! So I hope that we can find a place for at least one or two of these cows, to give them a second chance to heal their traumas and to end their life in peace so they don’t carry too much pain/fear with them.

I’m asking you to help me here via donating some money that will go towards the transport of these cows if the farm agrees to let them go for free. I need to be prepared as if they do agree we will have to act quickly as the farm want them gone asap.

If they don’t agree to let them go for free, then I’ll have to see. I don’t really want to buy them, I would rather that these four cows become a symbol of Hope, a shining example of the beauty that arises when humans choose to act from their hearts instead of their calculator/brains. Of course every single life matters but I don’t want to become the soap that makes a farm look and smell good instantly while receiving money for it! It has to come from them otherwise it doesn’t mean anything. I’m happy to find safe retiring homes for their dairy cows but I want them to participate too! I know that they can afford it and it would be such a more powerful message if the farm agrees to allow their cows to retire in peace instead of just killing them for money.

I truly believe that if we want to change farming we will have to change it from the inside. We need to understand how the whole machine works so we can see how we can turn it into something more fair, more harmonious and beneficial for the animals and humans.  So if they were to refuse to let them all go for free, then I’ll be very sad and disapointed but I’ll have to accept it and try again another time. In this case I’ll either refund you the money you have donated or it will go towards this Cows Fund to finance future rescue projects.

As I work with farmed animals on a regular basis I do often come across opportunities to rescue them. I do my best to always do so, whenever I can, but because every time it’s an emergency situation I need to have access to money quickly to get the animals transported to a sanctuary, for example, or to get a vet to come and help. I would never be able to afford it on my own, which is why it’s crucial that I get together a fund to be able to act quickly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you want to donate you can use the Donate Button below, thanks!