Hammerhead sharks, Crow and Blue Swimmer Crab

Hammer-head sharks, Crow and Crab revealed themselves to me that morning, after i sat in silence on a chair in a circle, in a village. the hammerhead sharks came first and i felt safe instantly. through me they sent an invitation for a blond mermaid looking girl to explore her emotions a bit deeper onContinue reading “Hammerhead sharks, Crow and Blue Swimmer Crab”

Stuck in the mud

Photograph: Thom Rimmer. I feel like i have been stuck in an oozy mud for too long. I realised this morning that as the seasons are changing, the earth is spinning and the rest of the natural world is getting on with their lives and what they need to do at this time of theContinue reading “Stuck in the mud”

I shed a tear

As I watch you play Your favourite seaside game On a windy day I see, what a shame, I wasn’t even watching. At the time, back then I was just busy talking Hiding in my den In my head, my thoughts I didn’t see the beauty Happening in front me. Luckily Tara filmed it AndContinue reading “I shed a tear”

The Heart of a Yogi

His Holiness Chatral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche. Photo from here.  In the eyes of every yogi there is sadness And dear ones left behind. A yogi feels kindness Towards the suffering of the mind Of those caught up in the never ending Place of being best, first, having this but also that. No end, no beginning,Continue reading “The Heart of a Yogi”

Green Tara

A delightful line drawing of Green Tara by the master of Tibetan arts Sherab Palden Beru. Green Tara As I sat in the lotus position I settled in meditation I noticed the rainbow in front of my eyes Nature reminding me of the beauty In the world all around me, No need for because’s, noContinue reading “Green Tara”

On Connecting with the Heart…

As some of you, dear readers, may already know, I have spent some time over the last few years exploring the extremely profound experience one has when connecting with the heart. Heart to Heart communication can take many forms such as telepathy, animal communication but also art, poetry or music. It requires us to be open, toContinue reading “On Connecting with the Heart…”

The Wild Yogi’s Wisdom

Today I’ve been working on a few images for Nyishar, my husband’s company. I really enjoy creating images using quotes to carry a message across, and I’m really pleased with the result :)

On Creativity…

My recent times have been busy with home-educating my son, my yoga course, gardening,  enjoying quiet family time, educating myself on the Ayurvedic system (and being amazed at how much it makes sense), and spending quality time in the woods with my canine friend Tara. I’m feeling the need to connect with my creativity soContinue reading “On Creativity…”