Seed Bombs…



Making seed bombs is great fun, and throwing them out of a car window, or carefully choosing the perfect spot to leave one or two of them behind is satisfying too…

Seed bombs are little balls made out of clay, compost and seeds.  They look like chocolate truffles but they don’t taste the same…

Helping native wild flowers to reclaim waste land or urban environments is one of these little things that we can do, as individuals, to bring our humble contribution to helping wildlife and the environment… Small contributions make a great difference indeed!

Seed bombs make wonderful gifts too! You can make a nice box for them and handwrite a thoughtful quote, about small things being beautiful… And voila! I gave seed bombs as party gifts to all the kids who joined us at Thom’s birthday party that we threw in the woods this year, and the kids enjoyed holding them as they fit nicely in their hands :)

You can make them and ‘bomb’ places with kids, with friends, with strangers, young and old alike!

Before you start:

IMPORTANT: Choose good quality open pollinated (no hybrid or GMO) seeds of non-invasive, native species so you don’t cause a crisis in your local eco system.

This website helps you to choose the right seeds if you are in Europe.

Before planning your seed bomb attack, check out the weather forecast… Spring or summer rainy days are great for dispersing your seed bombs as they will melt quickly and the seeds will germinate sooner than during a dry spell…

Choose your terrain carefully so that your plants have better chances of survival. Avoid over managed areas such as parks where your plants are likely to get mowed down by park wardens. Find abandoned areas, cracks in the pavement, derelict wasteland…

If you are going to launch your seed bombs in a place where people are likely to walk past them, add some annual edible plants in your seed mix. Opt for the low maintenance, hardy varieties, such as courgettes or pumpkins :) add a sunflower as they look pretty and offer seeds to the birds…

Anyway, here is my recipe:

5 tablespoons of seed compost

4 tablespoons of terracotta clay powder

1 teaspoon of seeds (for small seeds, add half a teaspoon more for big seeds, the bigger the seed, the fewer seeds you need!)

sprinkles of water to moisten your mixture until it feels just right, like you would want it to be if you were working on a sculpture with clay so you can make a small ball with it (see picture).

You will need empty egg boxes to carry your seed bombs until they are dried (they dry overnight if you leave them somewhere warm and dry), but you could also choose to use them straight away…

you could also add 1 teaspoon of chilli powder as a natural pesticide :)

If you want to know more about seed bombs, I recommend Josie Jeffery’s book: Seedbombs ‘Going wild with flowers’ (leaping hare press).

Have fun!

Feel free to let me know how your seed bomb missions went in the comments below!


Birthday Week

Thom, Yoga


This week was Thom’s Birthday Week.

We had a great party with Thom’s friends in the woods/valley near our house. It was such a beautiful day: a pack of wild children running around the woods, climbing trees (amongst other things), hiding in dens, playing in streams, eating fresh home made bread, eating chocolate cake, wearing “bounaches” just for the picture…


The Moustache Crew was here… When they wore moustaches they were called Bert, Charlie and Jack…


 All the kids went back home with a seed bomb each, now they can scatter some native wild flower seeds in remembrance of this glorious afternoon we spent altogether! W. amazed me as he decided to leave his seed bomb on the Airman’s grave, as a WWII memorial offering.

The next day was Thom’s actual birthday day. It was a quiet and simple day, slowing down, opening presents throughout the day and playing with his new toys :)

Then the two following days were spent meeting up with friends and trying out the new skate park with Daddy.

Today Thom has chicken pox. I thought it would be nice to end his birthday week with a last pressie, handmade, just for him, so I made him an owl this afternoon…


It’s my very first felted animal and as I can’t follow instructions I just improvised… And she turned out ok I think.

It’s special because the owl is “his” special animal and I made it myself, using the fleece we had collected from the woods and valley near our house. We are moving in a few days, we will still be living in Ashdown Forest, but in a town. Of course the forest will still be next door and we will now be able to use our bikes to get around which I am very excited about, as I’m fed up with driving all the time. So this week was also a bit of a moving-on celebration, having friends over in “our” valley to celebrate Thom’s 6th birthday and taking a bit of this magical place with us, with this little owl…


Tomorrow I am off to my yoga teacher training for the day. No doubt another interesting journey :)

Have a lovely night,