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Late Summer Night’s Dream…

I hope you are all enjoying the summer… Here I am getting busier and busier like a little bee, starting slowly to prepare for the Christmas fair at the end of November.

I have never sold my knitting at a fair before, I’ll be sharing a table with a friend and fellow knitter and… we shall see!

I’m still trying to put together a collection for the winter. By that I mean items that will go well together, along the lines of a woodland theme.

I have been experimenting with knitted flower headbands, and garlands of knitted leaves…

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The Owls Are On Hot Pressed Seams…

Earlier on this week, I mentioned briefly that I had spent quite a bit of time on a painting and I also mentioned my Dad’s birthday a while back and even shared with you the draft of his painting… well, he received it in the post today!

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Below are a few sketches of the sleeveless, box style hooded cardigan I’ve been knitting intermittently for the last few months…

My Sketch Book

“But where did that little fox go?”


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I love it when boy and I have a quiet day at home, being together happily doing our own thing. He regularly comes to tell me all about what he is up to and to check what I’m doing, in case it’s of any interest to him – like I’m baking a cake or something…

Today is a quiet day. I keep a hot water bottle against my back, as I sit and paint and sip on a cup of tea. While the watercolour paint is drying I knit a bit more of my fern shawl.

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The first two weeks of the year…


Boy made outfits for these two lucky devils… Pint Beastie has put his pint down for now, as he has been busy doing Super Hero work. It’s more rewarding than pint work, so he says… ;) and the Kraken was about to film his first scene in Boy’s Big Pirate Movie… but now he looks too smart to be scary…..

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The shapeshifter

These last couple of days have been busy… Amongst swimming, a pub dinner with friends, a chiropractor appointment, finishing to write a rather lenghty blog post to keep my draft folder happy, dog walking and a good-bye meet up with some of boy’s friends who are moving back to New Zealand, I managed to needle-felt a new owl, get quite a bit of knitting done on a sock and today I made this painting:

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Owl mysteries…


Sometimes, there is no time for Whys or How(l)s.

Owls just appear. Suddenly.

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Things I’ve learned…

These last few years, I’ve learned to :

  • Enjoy smaller, slower things and to take my time
  • Sometimes, even though I know what is in someone’s best interest, it’s best to keep it to myself and let them make their own mistakes and learn from experience
  • Respect the relationship people have with animals, nature and spirituality
  • Sometimes what seems to be the most ethical or healthy option is not necessarily what’s best for everyone
  • Not to be too harsh with myself
  • Actually I don’t know anything
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Meet Jack, the wood mouse