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Sometimes beauty can be found in very unlikely places… Like a contaminated junk yard in South East London…


A Little Experiment…

When we are focusing on our breath, we often visualise that we are breathing in light, or good stuff and we breath out darkness, negativity.

Here is a little experiment : When you are doing this at home, next time I would like you to do the opposite, breath in all the negative and breath out all the positive, as if you want to send out what you want the world to be like instead of emotional dumping.

Let me know how it goes :)

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Nurturing your soul with Yoga


Hello Friends!

I hope you are well and that this summer is bringing you Joy, Peace, and Health.

In this cyber age we are living in, we are liking, commenting and expressing our range of feelings via emoji. We are staring at our phones everywhere we go. Nowadays it’s as if time is speeding up. So many of us set ourselves the target of achieving an entire weeks worth of goals in a single day, often in an attempt to renew our sense of self-worth and boost our self-esteem, yet we often end up feeling like a failure for not having managed even a fraction of it.

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Yoga For Lower Back Pains


I have put together a yoga sequence for people who suffer from lower back pains and especially sciatica. As some of you may know, back injuries have been a big struggle of mine for the last few years…

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Back Story

Yesterday, it was my sciatic nerve release monthniversary. It was exactly one month since my sciatic nerve untrapped itself.