Meet Eartha

Eartha is my latest Spirit doll. She embodies the Earth element and is timely ready for the International Rebellion, that Extinction Rebellion has started today in London. I knitted her with local yarn, grown by sheep who graze freely in and round Ashdown Forest, hand-dyed by me using chaga mushroom. Her dress is made outContinue reading “Meet Eartha”

Oya The Little Girl Who Turned Out To Be An African Goddess

I knitted a new doll last week and I went on an explorative journey. I could write about every step of the process, but I feel like that would probably be boring. I found it very therapeutic, in a self-reflective way.

Autumn Tales

Autumn is slowly drawing to a close, with the winter solstice around the corner. Our walks are getting more wet and muddy. The sky displays gorgeous and ever changing artwork reflecting the light of the sun, hiding somewhere behind the clouds…

Nurturing your soul with Yoga

  Hello Friends! I hope you are well and that this summer is bringing you Joy, Peace, and Health. In this cyber age we are living in, we are liking, commenting and expressing our range of feelings via emoji. We are staring at our phones everywhere we go. Nowadays it’s as if time is speedingContinue reading “Nurturing your soul with Yoga”

Autumn Equinox catch up

Hello my dear friends, I hope you are all well and that you all enjoyed Spring, Summer and the Autumn Equinox, wherever you are! Here life is like the tide. In and out. Gentle rolling waves. Storms. Winds. Then deep, blue and calm again. My thoughts and ideas are like seagulls. Sometimes they blend inContinue reading “Autumn Equinox catch up”