Why do we need to have animals around us?

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We love dogs. But do we really understand them?

We love our dog, but do we really know them? are we fully present? are we really listening?

How to decode unwanted behaviours? What is our dog trying to say?

Does your own behaviour even makes sense to your dog?

What is your dog trying to tell you?

“Thank you!”

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I’ve uploaded a new video to my youtube channel, as promised at the end of my “Telepathy with your dog” video:

This is a guided practice for preparing you to communicate telepathically with your animals. I hope you will enjoy it and that you and your animals will get a better and deeper understanding of one another :)

Here is a video I did a little while back, which is a good intro for the video above…

I have just learned of the death of Dr Masaru Emoto and his last words were “Thank you!”.

Expressing gratitude is a great way to keep our hearts open, and it’s a great practice while we are communicating with animals whenever we find it difficult to stay focused and heart centered.

Dr Masaru Emoto’s work showed us how our intentions affect water, as you can observe the different patterns of water crystals when the water is frozen.


A Water crystal exposed to “I love you”

In one of his experiments, he exposed water to a note saying “I love you” and the crystals looked beautiful, whereas they looked completely chaotic when exposed to “I hate you”.

If we think about it, our bodies are made up to 70% of water and our brains are 90% water, so the thoughts and intentions we have towards one another and oneself surely affect us on a cellular level too…

Anyway here is a video he made about his research, as a humble tribute to his life’s work :)

Here I’m in the middle of organising my next animal communication workshop, and this time the theme is Dog. It will be over a few Sunday afternoons at the end of November, I hope to see you there :)

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them,
Filling an emptiness we don’t even know we have.” – Thom Jones (American writer)

Have a lovely weekend,






thoughts on gratitude

Animal Communication


I find that Gratitude is a useful tool to help you shift your perception quickly.

When I find myself stuck in negative thinking or if I start to feel low and think how hard everything is, I find that practicing gratitude is a very effective way to shake that off. I start making a list of all the things Im grateful for, which makes me bring my focus on the good things in my life and no longer dwell on the areas that are harder.

When communicating with animals, we might find it hard to stay focused and keep the connection opened between ourselves and the animal. I find that practicing gratefulness at that very moment really helps. Because when we do, we are more in that Heart space, we allow the shield to come down for a while and we allow the connection to take place from the heart. We no longer think too much, doubt and fears seem to vanish and in doing so we feel a wave going straight to our heart. It’s warming, it makes us feel vulnerable but also stronger, because we went through to the other side of fear and we realise that actually we are strong, bold and fearless and we can do anything.

So gratitude, again and again. Write yourself your own prayer with all the things you are grateful for…


I’m so grateful that you stopped by and took the time to read this, thank you!