Imaginary Friends…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Imaginary Friend.”

As I watch my seven year old son growing up a little bit more everyday, I get to hear a lot about his imaginary friends. They tend to vary, at the moment a whole pirate crew lives with him in his bedroom.

Last night he came to tell me:”you know mum, I really miss my pirate days!”

It reminds me of when I was a little girl, I had an imaginary friend called Jean Baptiste. And I used to talk for hours to fire hydrants, or “Gagons” as I called them. I vaguely remember watching a film called Pete’s Dragon when I was little… In which a boy named Peter has a dragon friend called Elliot, who is invisible to everyone else but him… I am pretty sure that I had imaginary friends before then, but this idea resonated with me a lot. I was a day dreamer. Living in my imaginary world most of the time. I was very imaginative, playing on my own a lot and imagining worlds with different characters living side by side with me.

I watch my son doing just the same thing. He is an only child. So was I. I sometimes wonder if only children tend to have more imaginary friends than children with siblings, who perhaps sometimes wish they had more time on their own?

I think Jean Baptiste has morphed into how I was as a child. Today Jean Baptiste is that child I used to be, looking at me with her big eyes full of wonder. She believes she can do and be whatever she wants. The world is hers. Today’s me finds some solace in feeling her nearby. As I get caught up with adulthood responsibilities, I sometimes wonder what that child would think of me or suggest for me to do right now?

Go and play in her bedroom, probably… And she would want me to knit a new blanket for her teddy Boulgoum, as the one she knitted is nowhere to be found these days!