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Oya The Little Girl Who Turned Out To Be An African Goddess


I knitted a new doll last week and I went on an explorative journey.

I could write about every step of the process, but I feel like that would probably be boring. I found it very therapeutic, in a self-reflective way.

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Jo’s Yellow Queen Sweater

A couple of months ago, I finished this jumper for Jo, a lovely and talented lady who plays the accordion :

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Love all around town


As Boy and I biked through the town this morning, we discovered that our town had been yarn bombed today…

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Autumnal Milestones

Well it’s Autumn. I have a real fondness for Autumn. I tend to wrap things up in Autumn. For me it’s a time when things just come together, when all of my ideas and ‘works in progress’ come to fruition.

This last week saw a couple of important milestones for me.

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What moves you?

Good morning, I wanted to share here a great post from Funky Air Bear, which is about the problem a lot of knitters face…
I have been suffering from back injuries from the last few years, and knitting really helped me a lot, giving me something to focus on, keeping my brain satisfied with learning new skills, and giving me a sense of achievement whenever i finished a pair of socks 🙂 I would have ended up getting very depressed without it!
But it also gets in the way of other things sometimes. I know that if I allow myself to start the day knitting, I won’t be able to put it down, and I’ll make excuses for not stretching, or doing whatever else I need to do in terms of self-care, child care, work, etc…
When I’m knitting I get in the zone and I can just sit there for hours on end and be in total bliss, while procrastinating everything else.
Also, sitting for too long isn’t good for my back. At all. It’s the worst thing to do.
So I make myself stretch first with a yoga practice, which varies in length. I knit and make sure I take breaks to do a few quick yoga stretches and get back into it again. It makes a big difference 🙂
Once I have started knitting, I still can’t stop though… So When I have procrastinated things for too long, over indulging in knitting and must catch up on stuff then I just avoid knitting altogether for a few days (gasp!) and being able to knit again is my reward, for I know that if I get in the knitting zone I’ll lose any notion of time… 🙂

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Does knitting for extended periods of time compromise our physical fitness?

I love knitting and I am sure you can say the same about yourself. I love crocheting too. I love yarn crafts of all kinds. I also love doing them for extended periods of time. Knitting has given me a lot more than wearable garments. It has given me hope in darker times, it’s kept me sane through rough patches in my life, it’s given me a sense of accomplishment when I most needed it. The benefits of knitting for my mind and soul are countless. However, as much as I am convinced that knitting is good for my emotional state and it, without doubt, keeps me sane, I cannot help but wonder how good it is for my physical health. I always think of the 100-year-old woman who said that knitting keeps her arms toned and…

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The Advent Fair…



Come to the Advent Fair,
I’ll have a table there,
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Handknitted fox scarves, bobble hats and mittens…
So come and say Hello!
Gnomes, foxes and fairies…

…and me!

Saturday 26th of November 2016

Michael Hall Steiner School – Forest Row RH18 5JA.




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Pixie Knits

I have been knitting like a demon lately, to stock up for my stall at the Christmas fair at the end of this month.

On Monday I came up with my very first hat design. A cute little Pixie Hat…

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3D Knits

I really love knitting in 3D. Every time I feel like I’m making a wearable sculpture. . . : . . . :

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Socks Tale…

Once upon a time there was a pixie who secretly knitted a pair of plain brown socks – with blue speckles all over – for her husband’s birthday…

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Guerilla Owls…

This little owl was my first draft for the owl designs I was trying to come up with for my advanced knitting workshops during Really Wild Home Ed gathering last week

I first sketched her…