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Meet Eartha

Eartha is my latest Spirit doll. She embodies the Earth element and is timely ready for the International Rebellion, that Extinction Rebellion has started today in London.

I knitted her with local yarn, grown by sheep who graze freely in and round Ashdown Forest, hand-dyed by me using chaga mushroom.

Her dress is made out of handspun Nettle yarn. Her hair is made out of hemp, her flowers are knitted with some bits of scrap yarn given by my mum years ago.

She embodies Sacred Activism, through reconnecting with the Earth, Nature – including all her inhabitants –  and her sustainable, local, natural resources which are freely available to us.

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You Are So Very…

:) YOU – and I – need to remember this:

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Weaving the Web of Life

Here’s a topic I find fascinating: The relationship between women and wool crafts.

In many, many civilisations, women have been knitting, spinning, weaving, felting… Or any other forms of wool/fiber related crafts.