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I don't have a clue  How things work the way they do  (And end up in blue)  But somehow I knew...

I don’t have a clue
How things work the way they do
(And end up in blue)
But somehow I knew…

Back when I used to hang out in dog parks in South East London with my pack of dogs (which went from 1, to 2, to 4 then 2 again, all girls), I met a rather large boy dog called Blue. Rottweiller cross with German Sheperd. I first met him when he was a pup and as months went by, I watched him grow into a very confident big lad.

Kynance Cove


We went back to Cornwall a few weeks ago… (the last time we went there was back then). It was our first holidays in a long time, and the very first ones with Nettle, who joined the family in January.

I particularly enjoyed spending time in the beautiful Cornish outdoors, walking on the cliff tops along the coastline and discovering new places, such as Kynance Cove, on the Lizard peninsula, where Paul made this video:

The soundtrack to the video is my favourite song from some old friends of mine, French post-rock band Poney Club.



I really enjoyed our recent trip to Cornwall. Lots of swimming, playing on the beach and exploring the beautiful coastline.

The ocean there is so blue and so clean! The landscapes are breathtaking. I would love to just spend weeks there just hiking/running/camping on the cliffs along both coasts, admiring the beauty of the ocean, spending the night listening to the sound of its breath and waking up as the sun rise, to dive in and meet up with seals… Next time, maybe?


Looking out towards Land’s End…


and back, towards Sennen Cove…

Paul Roche 2013

Feeling the presence of Spirits in Tregarrek, homestead of the rock… We made a humble offering at the top.

Roche 2013


Catching up with Lindsey in St Ives..

paul+thom lands end2

In the sea-mist at Land’s End, with the horn of the Longships Light sounding in the background.


Meeting a seal for the very first time…


I find shipwrecks fascinating…


Thom - st Ives 2013

Nice sun glasses…