Do you believe in Dragons?

~”There were dragons when I was a boy…” (How To Train Your Dragon, Cressida Cowell) I feel like I have been bathing in the Dragon Energy for quiet some time now. The Chinese horoscope animal is the Pig this year, but not in my house. This year we came full circle with dragons… Dragons have been aContinue reading “Do you believe in Dragons?”

Thawing, slowly…

I hope this post will find you well and enjoying a relaxing Sunday, wherever you are. We ditched the car three weeks ago, before Easter weekend and so far we’ve been managing absolutely fine without it. Our old car failed its MOT so I sold it to a mechanic who is going to race itContinue reading “Thawing, slowly…”

Who is the best at dancing in the rain?

Boy and I often discuss quotes during car journeys. We often mention Gandhi’s quotes. I usually introduce them when they are relevant to whatever discussion we are having. One of our favourites that we like to remind each other of is : “There is enough for every man’s need but not for every man’s greed”.Continue reading “Who is the best at dancing in the rain?”

‘Twas The Sunday Before Christmas…

Yesterday I took Boy to my Local Yarn Store, so he could carefully choose the yarn he liked best for me to knit him his very own hat, designed with his own requirements. It had to be blue, because blue has always been his favourite colour… with a dash of red to stay in theContinue reading “‘Twas The Sunday Before Christmas…”