Making peace with reality

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Green Tara

In Buddhism, Green Tara is often referred to as the women’s ally. Her mantra is : oṃ tāre tu tāre ture soha.

Tārā also embodies many of the qualities of feminine principle. She is known as the Mother of Mercy and Compassion. She is the source, the female aspect of the universe, which gives birth to warmth, compassion and relief from bad karma as experienced by ordinary beings in cyclic existence. She engenders, nourishes, smiles at the vitality of creation, and has sympathy for all beings as a mother does for her children. As Green Tārā she offers succor and protection from all the unfortunate circumstances one can encounter within the samsaric world” 


I highly recommend to everyone – especially women – to memorise it, and repeat it to yourself whenever you can, especially in those moments when fear or anxiety arise or when one needs strength or courage. It could also be written down on a piece of paper and kept in your pocket.

I used to think that if I could ever have a superpower, I’d like mine to be invisibility. As a child, teenager and young adult, I used to imagine how much fun it would be to become invisible whenever I wanted to.

Awards, Coffee, Nosferatu, Celebrity Dogs n’all that…

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I have received a few nominations for different blogging awards recently, and I must say, I feel very honoured that fellow bloggers have thought about me when it came to nominating other blogs. It’s nice to know that this blog is read and even sometimes appreciated by other reading beings. As many bloggers will know, sometimes you can feel a bit lonely when your posts don’t get any form of attention whatsoever.

I think that a big part of blogging is to outreach other people, to make new connections, and discover new blogs, new ideas, new content… and pass it on! Sharing is a big part of it. That’s why I’m writing this post, because I’d like to share with you the blogs I follow and all the very talented people who inspire me… Some are big, some are small… but they are all very interesting folks.


I’ve never been a very popular person. Probably because I’m not cool. I mean I don’t really look cool, I don’t follow any trends, I don’t know much about what’s trendy, what’s the hottest in anything…

What’s On The Needle Wednesday #1

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What’s On The Needle Wednesday #1 :


I have been knitting socks for the last couple of weeks. Today Sock number 2 is on my needles. On the picture above, you can see her posing with her bigger sister, Sock number 1, which I knitted last week…

And that’s how Sock 1 looked like a week ago:


And the week before that, I had just finished knitting my very first sock: Here is Sock 1 for Thom:


This sock is still waiting for her sister to be made… Maybe next week?

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”


A while ago I found this head-less teddy in the forest. He was sitting on a branch, up a tree just like that.

I watched the series Twin Peaks years ago. I am French, but I watched the whole thing in English, over a few nights with my husband (who is English). My brain was in English mode and I did find it creepy when I heard “J’ai une ame solitaire” in French in the film.

In the story it’s a suicide note left by the keeper of Laura Palmer’s diaries, but then another character randomly says it later on in the local diner. Each time it made me jump, literally.

A french person would probably say: Je suis une ame solitaire, meaning “I’m a lonely soul”, but here it says “I have a lonely soul”. It’s correct, but it’s not the way most people would naturally say it, so it makes it sound even more spooky!

This photo reminds me of that quote… A lonely, ghost like head-less soggy teddy haunting the woods like une ame solitaire…. I wonder if Bob got something to do with it….

“J’ai une ame solitaire…”

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What is friendship anyway?

Is it something you can count,

Dispose of or throw away?

Can you measure the amount,

value, rate or stock exchange

Of having a friend nearby

When you feel strong, weak or strange?

Like the wind, their voice fly by

Soothing, carrying away

Pain, fear, self-loathing battles

And bringing their own array

Of solutions and waffles,

Cups of tea, Stories and w(h)ine.

An umbrella in the rain,

A wagging tail in the sun

Salted memories from Spain

Carrying all through autumn.

Boy in the woods…

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For a forest is a place we go to to discover who we are,

and paradoxically we get lost in that process.


The boat in its moss mooring, near the Fairy’s House…


The Fairy goes up the ladder, Boy said, to get into her house.


This is her front door… There is moss inside her house, so she can be comfy


Boy built another house, for another Fairy, before building his den nearby.


“We can never have enough of nature”

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“We need the tonic of wildness…At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be indefinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathomed by us because unfathomable. We can never have enough of nature.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Walden: Or, Life in the Woods

My husband Paul spent most of the week finalising this video, I’m very impressed by the result :) what do you think?

Dear Reader,

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I imagine that whaver brought you here, whatever path took you to these parts of the wild internet, maybe, just maybe you are interested in slowing down and taking the time to have a cuppa and read, knit, paint, think… That you are bold enough to go through your front door without any plans, to explore your neighbourhood, throw a few seed bombs, talk to an old lady, say hello to a dog, meet a new cat you’ve never seen before, leave leftovers out for the foxes, go walking in the woods or swimming in the sea…

Knit socks, hats or teddies for children in challenging situations, do some yoga, breath deeper and make things, whatever craft or DIY projects that make you feel happy, proud, empowered and joyful.

I hope, dear reader that you will find this blog inspiring and that it will make you want to make your own, grow your own, talk to your neighbours, go outside and just see what happens.

Making time for good company, for nature, for creativity, for connecting with your soul, spend some time being quiet and present…. We are human beings, not human doings. So I hope that you are happy to slow down, sit down, observe nature, go bird watching… And try to do nothing. It’s actually harder than you think!

I’m writing to you, reader and also to myself, to remind myself.

Take good care of yourself, eat well, sleep well…

and feel free to share with me the things that you love doing to slow down in the comments!

Lots of love,


en Dordogne juin 81

My mum and myself in excellent company – June 1981, in Dordogne, France.

Little Bob’s first day

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Hello, my name is Little Bob. I’m the new addition to the FocalHeart family, i was only born last night. I belong to a boy called Thom. His mum made me for him but Thom made my eyes.


Thom loves building, painting and talking about shipwrecks… This morning He decided to paint a dragon…


After building a few ships, out of a lot of colourful pieces he calls lego. He designs his ships in a very odd way: they are meant to break into 2 and sink, like something he calls the Titanic.

His ships all sunk – like they were supposed to – so we headed outside. We spent some time hanging out in the garden, I watched him doing what he calls “Action Painting”. It consists of him setting up a big sheet of paper on the patio, getting all his paints and brushes out, and then he goes a bit crazy. He sits down quietly next to the empty paper for a minute, then he dips his brushes in jars of paint and starts waving the brushes all over the paper, shaking them as hard as he can. He runs around the paper, changing brushes. He looks like he is doing some sort of dance or ritual…



These are apparently called blueberries and are not supposed to be covered in paint. They were just behind Thom when he was doing his Action Painting Ritual and I could see he was making sure that he wasn’t covering them in paint… so they must be very special!


image image“Hello!” – That’s me here, as I was watching him perform his Action Painting Dance.


He also prepared some beautiful mixtures…


He mentioned someone called Jackson Pollock, who seemed to be into similar antics. Thom said that Pollock did something called Number 1 Lavender Mist… and that He was in the middle of making Number 2…


After mixing the colours in various ways, He decided to get his toy cars out…



It started to rain shortly afterwards, so Number 2 is now under a structure apparently called a sunbathing chair. It fits perfectly on top!

Then he took me to the park to meet up with his friend. I spent most of the time there in his Mum’s bag, with the rest of her knitting so I can’t really tell you what it looked like there.

imageWhen we got home, he took something flat and smooth under his arm, that seems to turn itself on and off. He picked me up and told me he was now going to introduce me to beings that I’m going to love, he said they were half vegetable/half animal and that’s why they were called Vegimals

I can’t wait!

Anyway, I’ll speak to you soon, Im sure!

Little Bob.

So why am I blogging?

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I remember being at a creative writing workshop a while back and being asked to write the end of the sentence: “I want to write because…”

I jotted down the first think that came to my mind: to let the hammer head sharks out of my head.

I suppose this answer is still valid.

It’s a creative outlet, a virtual place I go to, to create something, anything.

I have often sat down, logged in, and just started writing a few lines, an haiku…

This last year I have been blogging to share my watercolour paintings as I set myself the challenge to be able to paint animals in watercolours and share them to overcome this good old “I suck” mindset of mine.

I always have something creative on the go. For me creativity is a form of meditation, it makes me connect with my own rythm, with my soul. Everyday I work on something I’m in the middle of making. Even if it’s just a little bit. I need to be making something with my hands… May it be a watercolour painting, cooking or knitting. I’m a big knitting fan. I Just love the way it feels, to hold yarn in my hands and to turn it into an item of clothing, anything I want. Magic!

I always have my knitting in my bag and I get it out and work on it whenever I get a chance (there is enough waiting times in one’s day). Typically every Tuesday while watching my son at his gymnastic class, while chatting away with another mum, or at the playground, in the evening, early morning… Whenever I have a moment really. Funnily enough, I have never blogged about my knitting eventhough knitting is on my mind and in my hands quite a lot. Why? Probably because I don’t think I’m good enough at it to be worth sharing… See? The good old “I’m not good enough” thing again!

I have always been passionate about the Do It Yourself culture, back in my punk days until now :) I love learning new skills and I really enjoy the satisfaction of being able to make things myself.

I do keep a journal as well as blogging (my actual journals are full of rants, and long winded introspective, self indulging analysis, a bit boring really). I like the idea of trying to put together something articulated that may be of interest to others. If it’s just for me, then it’s not big enough.

I don’t find blogging to be a very social activity though. For me it feels like the opposite, it often makes me feel lonely, but I remind myself that the journey is more important than the destination. The most important is that I enjoy writing, the creative process, and sharing things out there, for the odd person who ends up here, from whatever path they are on. I hope that it might make them smile and inspire them to create something with their hands, anything…. So that they too might feel this contentment, this joy of making something yourself.