Around the fire…

the fire never quite goes out. stories reveal themselves, songs are made up or remembered spirits are dancing around us. potatoes are cooked in foil, hot cocoa sipped slowly, or not. embers are red and hot at the end of sticks. the heat on our faces, the smell of fire in our hair and clothes… […]

the heating is on

The heating is on, the cupboard is well stocked, with almond milk, cocoa and xylotol. my watercolour paints are out and the CD player is not skipping, for once. a few good books to catch up with, warm wooly socks, a good film for later and a big thick duvet to cuddle under. come on […]

Welcome Autumn

Since writing this post at the beginning of the summer, Thom has been through a few sketch books and quite a large amount of paper… I have been a bit more savey. I’m still using the same book, and it looks a bit tattered now from being soaked with water wash for all sorts of […]