Knit, knit, knit…

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“Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises” – Elizabeth Zimmermann

This is what’s on my needles today:

imageA pair of mittens. I have mentioned them here before…

The felted flower at the top is made from the pilling and fuzz balls that appear on hand-knitted garments after they have been worn a while… I thought I could make a good use of them, by turning them into flowers! (I’m planning on making Christmas Decorations with them too).

Boy is very pleased with his new woolly socks… (which are also mentioned HERE):


Although they have been sitting in his drawer for a while, He has started wearing them today… They are great inside wellies!

I have been toying with the idea of writing the pattern down to put it on Ravelry, but I’m not sure if it would be of any interest to anyone…

Socks, shooting stars and sitting still

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I am very pleased to say that I have finished this pair of socks last night. They are for Paul’s birthday, that’s the first pair of socks I have ever knitted.

Actually my very first sock was for Thom, but I’m still to knit the second one. So technically it’s not really finished yet… (Unless I make him hop on one foot?).

I have set myself the challenge to knit enough pairs of socks to keep the three of us fully stocked up for this winter. I’m very pleased because knitting socks is something I have been wanting to do since I started knitting again, in 2009. Back then I bought a book on how to do it, some double pointed needles, and even some yarn especially for that purpose but somehow, it felt too difficult. I felt that I wasn’t going to be able to understand the patterns fully. English is not my mother tongue and I used to find knitting patterns in English a bit daunting… To me it seemed like I’d have to learn another language within the English language. A few projects later and somehow I felt confident enough to do it.

I had been working on that pullover for months. This project had been following me everywhere since I casted it on in February. It went to Cornwall twice. It has seen hours of Thom’s gymnastic lessons. And hours of various Home Ed activities and meet ups, out and about, on several beaches, in a few pubs and restaurants… I wouldn’t go anywhere without it.



But at some point, that voice in my head started nagging me:

“These sleeves you made, they are waaaaaay too small, they’d fit a 3 year old, not ahem… YOU!”

I’d argue back: “But I have followed the instructions on the pattern for once! This time I have not tweaked the instructions at all, it can’t be!”


It turned out the voice was right. They are too tight. I’m not exactly clear on wether there is a mistake in the version of the pattern I bought or if my gauge is just too tight with the small circular needles I have used to knit these sleeves. Either way. They are attached to the sweater, and I now need to unravel quite a fair bit to remove them.

At the time I was a bit disappointed. So I did what every sensible knitter would do in such difficult times: I took a break from this project and started knitting socks.

This project is nicely folded in a bag, sitting still, on a shelf. Whenever I will feel ready, I’ll unravel a big part of it and get on with it, without complaining. One day, I’ll triumphantly publish pictures of this pullover on this blog, to tell the world that I have conquered it. Not today though.

Today I’m enjoying my personal achievement: I have finished my first pair of socks last night. I finished them in the middle of the night and blocked them straight away before going to bed. As soon as I half opened my eyes this morning… I casted on a new sock, with some vintage yarn my mum gave me when she last came to visit in May.


Torrential rain outside. Good knitting weather.


What’s On The Needle Wednesday #1

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What’s On The Needle Wednesday #1 :


I have been knitting socks for the last couple of weeks. Today Sock number 2 is on my needles. On the picture above, you can see her posing with her bigger sister, Sock number 1, which I knitted last week…

And that’s how Sock 1 looked like a week ago:


And the week before that, I had just finished knitting my very first sock: Here is Sock 1 for Thom:


This sock is still waiting for her sister to be made… Maybe next week?

Rain daisies and felted bee

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Rain daisies, felted bee

My week has been bee-sy, needle felting a bee for the birthday of one of Thom’s friends. This bee is now with her girl, I hope they will have a lot of fun together…

Rain daisies are good friends for the bees, and it reminds me that more work needs to be done at the allotment over the weekend. There are bee hives next to our patch. We got some of their honey this week.

Before I started this bee, I did some research on bees to connect with them and to get to know them better… I learned that honey bees taste with their legs (their claws to be more precise), and that until fairly recently scientists couldn’t understand how bees could fly, as their bodies are so much bigger than their thin wings. It seems that they beat their wings at such a speed that they can take off and fly!

In many cultures bees represent fertility, a strong sense of community, prosperity, diligence, busyness… and they also remind us that we are all interconnected within the big web of life, as without bees and other pollinator insects our food would not grow.

If you find that you have a fascination for bees, and/or you feel a strong connection with them, I invite you strongly to go and meet them: go and sit quietly in their company and listen… and see what they have to tell you. You can also meditate on the qualities of bees, their social habits, their behaviour… and see if you need to implement more of these qualities into your own life. Or maybe you need to be less bee-sy? Slow down and take time to enjoy the sweet golden nectar of life? Perhaps you need to stop rushing around and working too hard, and set aside some time to relax and enjoy ‘what is’ and what you already have?

Pay attention to omens and animals who cross your path… if you come across bee(s), there may be a reason, and it’s worth taking a few moments to reflect on it.

In yoga the sound of the bee hum is associated with vishuddi, the throat chakra. There is a pranayama (breath control exercise) called brahmari – which means bee in sanskrit – also called the bee breath, named for the humming sound that bees make. This breathing technique is very relaxing and quietens the mind effectively. You can practice brahmari while sitting, start with simply noticing your natural breath for a while, then inhale through your nose and keeping your lips gently closed, and then hum like a bee as you exhale. Do so until you have completely emptied your lungs and you need to breath in again.

You can also use this breathing technique while in a posture such as the swan for example:


The Swan or extended child – Utthita Balasana

Or be on all fours in the cat position, breath in and as you breath out, hum like a bee as you get into swan (or extended child), then go back into cat (on all fours) as you breath in, and keep going…

If you have an interest and/or a connection with bees, you may enjoy this documentary:

Happy Beltane!