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Bruce and Scarlet


Bruce was sitting in his office.

He was thinking about the meaning – or lack of – in his life.

All the sacrifices he had made for something bigger than himself…

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Weak End

We just came back from our daily evening stroll, we have been doing that same lap around the Worth Way every evening for a while now…

Here are random glimpses of what I have been up to this weekend…

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Earth, Wind and Fire tales…

Sally is a gardener

She runs an organic farm

and sells her vegetables

on various farmer’s markets.

yes she does look like a slug.

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Dream catchers…

Here are some glimpses of my day… I have spared you the dentist appointment :)

I have also finished two paintings – one of which I have spent quite a bit of time on – but I am saving them both for in a few days time.

But here we go, here are my sketches of today:

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Have you ever met your totem animal(s)?

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Have you ever met or seen any of these?

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I have been using geometry as a form a of meditation lately…

Painting mandalas…

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The cool guys…




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Treasure hunts and empty spaces

“J’arrive quelquefois à ne penser à rien, et même pas comme l’ami Pierrot, à la mort de Louis XVI : d’un coup, je me rends compte que je suis là, que le métro vient de s’arrêter et qu’ayant quitté Dugommier quelques quatre-vingt-dix secondes auparavant, je suis maintenant bel et bien à Daumesnil. Mais, en l’occurrence, je ne suis pas arrivé à penser le rien. Comment penser le rien ? Comment penser le rien sans automatiquement mettre quelque chose autour de ce rien, ce qui en fait un trou, dans lequel on va s’empresser de mettre quelque chose, une pratique, une fonction, un destin, un regard, un besoin, un manque, un surplus…?”

– Espèces d’espaces, Georges Pérec.

:: :: ::

“I sometimes manage to think of nothing, not even, like Raymond Queneau’s Ami Pierrot, of the death of Louis XVI. All of a sudden I realize I am here, that the Metro train has just stopped and that, having left Dugommier some ninety seconds before, I am not well and truly at Daumesnil. But, in the event, I haven’t succeeded in thinking of nothing. . . . How to think of nothing without automatically putting something round that nothing, so turning it into a hole, into which one will hasten to put something, and activity, a function, a destiny, a gaze, a need, a lack, a surplus . . . ?”

-Species of Spaces, Georges Pérec.

There has been an empty space in the woods this year. Something – or rather someone – is missing. We haven’t heard the cuckoo yet. That could well be the very reason why the weather is so wet here.

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Happy Birthday!

It’s my Dad’s birthday today :: Happy Birthday Dad! :: I hope you are having a lovely day and that the weather is sunny where you are, because here it feels like Autumn.

I have been working on a painting for him, here is the version in my sketchbook…