Spinning webs

I often feel like a spider: always silently, slowly, spinning my web in a corner somewhere…


A few days ago, something unlocked itself… I learned how to Make 1 Right (M1R in knitting language) properly. And that tiny detail allowed me to just take off and start flying high through my top-down tunic (Still Light).

I casted it on in February and I had to unravel it a few times because of tiny holes in the raglan seam. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Even the old dears at my local Knitting Group – Knitter Natter – couldn’t give me a clear explanation.


Before the M1R epiphany, I got busy knitting a sleeveless hoodie (with pockets and BIG buttons, like a long chunky cardigan), using a free pattern from my well beloved Blacker Yarns.

Will I have enough of that beautiful blue yarn to complete it? That, my dear friends, is THE question…

You are all welcome to bet on it.

I have knitted the back, I am a little more than half way through the first half of the front. I have the ball of blue you see on the picture above, a quarter of a ball for the hood and another new 50g ball for the other half of the front and pockets… and that very yarn is no longer available. It has disappeared from the face of the earth as it was produced by my local biodynamic farm in such a small batch (spun and dyed organically by The Natural Fibre Company in Cornwall).

As I’m knitting it together with the cream coloured yarn, I’m using less of it… but still. The question remains….


This is not a beach flag to tell you how rough the sea is or how strong the wind is. This is half of my fox stole. I ran out of yarn and am waiting for a big 200g cone of this lovely Irish wool to turn up in the post this week – I really love the large flecks on this Soft Donegal Yarn – so I can knit the other half and all the fun bits: the fox head, tail and legs…


Yes the Fern Shawl has been very neglected lately. I find the chart is a bit tiresome to read… it’s tiny, so it can fit on one page probably. It’s not quite the kind of knitting I can take on the go. It’s what I would call anti-social knitting, as you can’t knit up that chart and sustain a conversation at the same time without losing the plot – well I can’t, anyway.

Will I ever manage to find that exact same brown Yorkshire wool to finish it? I only have another ball and I need another 7 of them. By the time I get around to go back to that shop, will they have any left???


And these are all the projects on hold:

A rainbow sock for a friend – She has 2 feet, I just need her to try this one on to make sure it fits before I get busy with the second one

A complete moose head who is patiently waiting for me to sort him out with some decent antlers. I’m going to felt them after all, the ones you see here don’t look that great – again, not a very portable project…

A woodpecker, waiting for wings and a face,

A crow waiting for his wings and face …

Why do I have so many knitting projects on the go? It seems that I am half way through all of them and don’t finish any, you may wonder (if you are still here…?)

Well, I have different projects on the go for different occasions. I do love to knit miles and miles and miles of mindless stockinette stitch while I take my son to birthday parties, gymnastics, a friend’s house, etc…

And I tend to run out of yarn, as you may have noticed. So I put things down and fly through other projects… Things eventually do get done. I will probably have a wave of finished projects to show you at some point. I hope. Well… That’s the plan anyway.

For now I’m prioritising the tunic (I have all the wool I need for that and I can’t wait to wear it), the hooded cardigan if I have enough blue and the fox stole.

Do not worry though, this poor moose will get his antlers sorted out and these poor birds will be able to fly: NO animals will be left disabled, skinned alive or experimented on. That’s the best bit. None of them was ever alive in the first place 🙂



0 thoughts on “Spinning webs

  1. You are so busy! Having multiple projects on the go is great because you can switch it up when you get tired of something and then you come back to things with fresh eyes and renewed enthusiasm.

  2. Hahaha, this sounds familiar! But there’s hope for you yet… Having spent most of the year so far doing the easy mindless bits, the arrival of some long-overdue spring sun and a bit of greenery outside my window means that I’m finally finishing things! I can’t wait to see your tunic when it’s done 😀

    1. I’m having troubles with needles now. Two pair of knit pro circular needles snapped on me while knitting is tunic so far… I wonder why…

        1. 3mm… But they snapped where the cable is attached to the needle each time… 2 snapped on the same project so far… I must doing some hardcore knitting or something….

          1. Extreme knitting! I don’t think I’ve ever broken a needle there before… But I naturally knit reeeeally loosely, so maybe that’s why. You could film yourself as you knit and watch it back, to see if there’s something you could change in the way you knit that will make your needles last longer 😀

          2. That’s odd because I have a very average gauge. I’m usually right spot on with most designer gauges… Whenever I swatch, I’m always good – and when I don’t, I’m off… But that’s life eh 😀
            I don’t knit particularly tight… The only reason I can think of for the last one was that there was too many stitches on it… But the pattern of the tunic recommends to knit the whole project on 3mm 60cm long circular needles. That felt a bit weird and I was tempted to change a few times but I thought that if that designer does it then why not… The previous one was 100cm long… And maybe I was pulling too hard on it as I was picking up cast off stitches. I don’t remember pulling hard on it, but it was a bit tighter than usual… If the third one breaks, I will definitely film myself because there is def something weird going on… It can’t be that all knit pro symphony fixed metal needles are crap… Surely not!? 🙂
            I hope you are well, enjoying some sunshine in beautiful Dublin 🙂 I went there once… With miss Ireland 🙂 back when I was rubbing shoulders with celebrities 😀

          3. Heehee, yes… We’re getting the odd flash of sunlight here and there! I was out in the Phoenix Park on Sunday and it was so warm I was convinced I was getting sunburn. Mind you, that doesn’t take much 😆 I’m intrigued to hear more about your glamorous party days… Once you’ve resolved your knitting needle issue, obviously! It does seem weird that you’ve had 2 break in the same place… I trust Knitpro needles, and it’s not like they’re plastic or bamboo ones either. I hope it doesn’t delay your project too much! Good luck 😀

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