Random Acts of Knitting…

I have been flying through my Still Light tunic lately but I put it on hold. I just felt like knitting for a friend these last two weeks.

So I have been busy finishing this pair of socks for my friend Sam…


(The flamingo project bag was handmade by the very talented and lovely Bianca, over at WolfBerryKnits )

I casted off the second sock yesterday, while I was at her house… I finished just in time for dinner!

Socks Sam

Sam just emailed me a picture of her feet enjoying their new socks… they are perfect for the current wintery weather we are having here this week!

I have also spent a weekend knitting granny squares with stripes, skull & cross bones and a crow to extend Boy’s hand knitted quilt, on his request – I will share with you the story of this quilt in another post, if you want me to.

Now that this pair of socks for my friend is finished, I am about to cast on a commission : a fair-isle tam. I have never knitted a tam before, so it’s a leap into the unknown. But that’s ok, for change is a good thing.

I’ll hopefully get the tam finished before the next adventure, which I’m very excited about:

I will be running a few Yarn Bombing Workshops later on this month, for home-educated kids and their parents, during the Really Wild Home Ed Gathering in East Sussex, around the summer solstice (20th – 23rd of June).

Boy and I will stay during the whole gathering which will probably be exhausting but a lot of fun – we will be camping the whole time with a lot of other home educating families — I will share my check list for this adventure with you in another post!

Animal tracking and stalking, basket weaving, foraging, stone-baked pizza making, prehistoric spear throwing…  and hanging out with friends! The schedule sounds rather hectic and exciting at the same time 🙂

My Yarn Bombing workshops will be divided into several sessions. During the beginners sessions attendees will get to learn to knit and experiment with stitches and colour changes while knitting swatches of all shapes. We will sew the swatches together at the end of each session and the finished object will be a sweater for a tree.

During the slightly more advanced sessions, we will be making owls to hang in the trees…

We’ll make barn owls like this one:

I’d like to do a similar project in a town next…  A Guerilla Kindness/Craftivist project, where I would hang a lot of small birds all around a town, carrying small, special messages with them, for people to read. I really love the work of Sayraphim Lothian. She has done a lot of similar projects herself, where she brings a bit of magic and wonder in public spaces, she is such a Craft Fairy!

Check out this video where she introduces her Kakapo of Christchurch Project back in 2013:

[vimeo 83999722 w=640 h=360]

Speaking of fairies, you must go and check the Monster Fairy, She does exist, LOOK! She was born in Fairy Land, in Higher Land. Now she lives in the country of fairy tales… In Germany!

Have a lovely day!


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  1. Oh, you’ve been busy again! Where to start? I love those socks, and I really enjoyed the video… what a great idea! So of course I’ll be really interested to see how your own “guerrilla kindness” works out. I also can’t wait to see your blanket extension project, and read all about your home ed meetup at the end of the month! And finally, thank you SO MUCH for linking to my last post… that little fairy Beastie really is working her magic 😀🌌

      1. Thank you! I have to admit to quite liking her pretty candyfloss hair 😀 And I’m seriously considering making a colouring book now… especially since they’re not just for kids any more!

          1. Hmmm, interesting idea there! I’d need to come up with a new way to do teeny Beasties though… right now they take as long to make as the regular-sized ones 😆

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