Now this is genuine early 80’s knitting…

My parents came over for 9 days at the beginning of May, for Boy’s birthday… They drove from the Loire Valley in France all the way to Sussex.

Their car was full of all sorts of things, including… Yarn. Some of it was bought by my mum on car boot sales in recent times and a lot of it is what’s left of her own stash of yarn that she bought back in the late 70’s – early 80’s. It was all in a chest of drawers that they brought across the channel.

As I was going through all the yarn, emptying the drawers, I found a few of my mum’s old projects that she probably has completely forgotten about. I find that sort of discovery fascinating….

There is a pink toddler size jumper that my mum had knitted for me. I don’t think I wore it much… My guess is that I probably had grown out of it by the time she finished it…

I found a very scary looking dolly that I made myself when I was a kid…

And a bobble hat that could fit a cat, a jar of hexipuffs or most certainly, a dolly…

An unfinished blanket – or pillow cover?  – and other random bits…


A lone wrist warmer, straight from the 80’s! The second one has been started and forgotten for all these years – maybe 35 years??  – it’s been so long that it’s back in fashion again!

I have started to gather the bits of yarn needed for it’s completion, 35 years later.

That’s a pretty cool wrist warmer! Look at the colours! Oh my! The colour work  looks like sound waves! The finished one is very long too…

That’s my wrists – and arms – sorted for next winter!



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  1. Unlike leg warmers (I judder at the memory) I think wrist warmers are back in vogue. I don’t follow fashion but I am pretty sure I am not the only person who sometimes wears wrist warmers or long mittens. It would be super cool if you could knit the other one and make them a matching pair after three decades.

    1. 🙂 I love wrist warmers! And leg warmers have been on my list for a while, but I just never get around to knit them… I wonder if I will this year 🙂

      1. You have long lean legs for leg warmers. Even when I’m my healthy weight, I’ve got legs like a pit pony so leg warmers always made my legs look like sausages splitting out of their skins. My sister, niece and I all had matching striped leg warmers in the 1980s. You’ve triggered flashbacks. Ha ha!

  2. Oh wow, 80s-tastic! You should definitely finish the pair, those patterns and colours are awesome. Plus handwarmers are always useful – fashionable or not, I always have a pair in my bag for when the Irish weather takes one of its sudden turns for the worse! I loved seeing your childhood crafts too 😀

        1. Oh yes… “What a feeling” that would be… Funnily enough, I have often found myself wishing I had leggings in the winter… Or even now, as it feels like we are entering winter here…

          1. I actually made myself some a few years ago! They’re a bit less interesting than yours (very subtle black ribbing) but I wear them all the time in the winter. I mostly wear skirts and need to keep my knees warm!

          2. Heehee, I’ll model them for you once normal Irish weather service resumes… I’m pretty sure I’d die of heatstroke if I put on my woolly winter legs now!

  3. Ce fut certainement un début de projet de “jambières” , quand au pull rose, tu n’en as pas voulut il te “piquait” et en effet losqu’il fut fini il était de toutes façon trop petit ….ça me fait tout drole de voir mes vieilles réalisations ratées, où inachevées, apparaitre sur internet !!! et faisant animer la conversation des tricoteuses :)) il faut dire que tu sais mettre en valeur ce passé qui a surgit d’un sac, lui meme sortant d’un bidon ! ET, j’ai Le pull en patchwork que j’avais tricoté pour moi !! je vais t’envoyer une photo où je le porte dans les années 88 … je te le donnerai lorsque tu viendras <3

  4. Ah ! oui, peut-etre des manches pour le gilet que je t’avais fait (pareil que les manches, bien sur) et avec des boutons en forme de coeurs rose … et le gilet fut trop petit trop vite

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