My menagerie

I disappeared for a while. I fell down the knitting rabbit hole again.

I sometimes emerged for basic self-care, child care, house duties and basic socialising. You know, during the rare occasion when someone attempts to approach this weird looking woman who is knitting furiously, sat in that corner on her own, while kids are busy and everyone else is making chit chat and drinking cups of tea.

“ooooh! What are you knitting?”

– A moose head.

I don’t know why but they seem to run out of chit chat steam after I say that…

Oh well… I have always been weird.


I’m taking for ever to mount him for some reason. I need to attach his antlers and mount him on a structure so he can be hung on a wall… I don’t really know why I have not done it yet… Perhaps because I’d rather knit than fiddle with wires and cardboard?

Or maybe I’m just really bad at finishing stuff…

Yeah, probably both.

I also made a good start on a fox stole, with some pretty amazing speckled bright orange yarn from Studio Donegal, in Ireland. I had to stop as I ran out of yarn.

I’m also knitting a hoodie, a tunic, a shawl and a pair of socks for a friend. Oh and a crow and a woodpecker, which are nearly finished.

The week before I have been knitting birds. A whole flock of them.

I put them all around my tiny living room… to give it an Easter theme…



It all started during the last meeting of my local knitting group, Knitter Natter…


It’s their 15th anniversary this year and someone suggested that we cover the whole library window with garden birds…


And she showed me Nicky Fijalkowska’s book…



And I was off.


I unraveled a big project of mine this week. Some dress I was trying to design for myself. I frogged it as I wasn’t going to have enough yarn of that colour to knit the whole thing. The yarn is from my local farm so they won’t have it anymore… I made a hair band with the bottom of the dress, as a memory of what could have been my very own dress…

Is that the time?


0 thoughts on “My menagerie

          1. The kids received some chocolate eggs (imported from the UK no less) but I’m going without. I will have a glass of Easter wine tonight instead. 😀

    1. Thanks 🙂 yes I really love knitting animals in 3 D 🙂 and now I can’t stop thinking about all these animals I want to knit, like a badger trophy, a fox trophy, a dinosaur head and more and more birds… Definitely enough to keep me busy 🙂

  1. Hahaha! I ALWAYS approach the weird knitter in the corner… I recognise a kindred spirit when I see one 😀 And I love your aviary-themed living room – you and your knitting group should definitely go ahead with your plan to deck out the library with birds!

  2. Too fun! I love the seagull. I try not to have more than one knitting projects underway. More than that and I would never complete anything…oh wait, I barely do anyway.

    1. 🙂 yes I go back and forth between projects… I eventually finish them but it takes longer to get there, as I get busy with other cool stuff along the way. I tend to run out of yarn, then I struggle because this dye lot is out of stock and I have to find a way around it…. Which sometimes causes me to unravel… 🙁

  3. Noemie I love your knitted animals – they are really lovely. I love knitting yet I don’t finish many articles that I have started.
    I think that what you are explaining is procrastination. I also procrastinate. I start things and don’t finish them. I start a writing project and don’t go back to finish it. I am a great starter but not a very good finisher. At least you do finish some of your knitted art work.
    Great effort. You inspire me. Now I might go and get some knitting needles out and start another project that I may never finish.

    1. Thanks 🙂 the knitted animals knit up quickly, so you get to feel a sense of achievement 🙂 socks and hats are great too as they can be completed in a few days 🙂 thank you for your kind words 🙂

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