Mrs Pony

Mrs Pony was born out of a happy accident. I bought a few balls of yarn from a charity shop yesterday morning (the lady kindly sold me a few balls for £1) with the intention to knit a creature out of it.

One of the yarn was pink with a label around it that read: 12g Knit a Pony.

– But I’d rather knit a bird, I thought…

And then I thought that she would be very pink. Completely pink in fact. And I got busy making her, while Boy was busy climbing with his friends.


So here she is: Meet Mrs Pony.


She laid three eggs this morning.

Boy declared that one of them is a cuckoo’s egg – as some cuckoos like to lay their eggs in the nests of other birds – but which one is it, I wonder?

That means that Spring is very early this year: when we hear the cuckoo for the first time here, it means that Spring is back. Although we haven’t heard the cuckoo yet, a cuckoo’s egg is definitely a sign!


My husband believes that she has a northern accent.



I am pretty sure that her eggs will hatch very soon. A whole flock of birds is about to take over my house… It’s in the air. I know it.


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