How to connect with your animal(s)?

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I often receive messages from people asking me questions about how they can connect telepathically with their dogs… Well that’s a good question but I think that you (yes, even you) already have the answer within… and you are just asking me because you lack the confidence to just trust yourself that you can do it. Everyone who wants to learn how to do it can learn how to do it.

The truth is you are probably already connecting with your dog(s) on a regular basis but you are just not paying proper awareness to it happening:

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Talking to your animal(s) out loud is a great first step. Then make sure you regularly spend some time sitting down with your animal(s), on the floor or cuddling on the sofa, just “being”. Focusing on your breath, and on your animal’s breath, just being present… without thinking about your To Do List, the dishes that need doing or where you need to go next. Just enjoy the here and now. Don’t try to stop or fight the stream of thoughts that’s going through your mind, just let them go, as if you were watching clouds shapeshifting and passing by…

Then when you feel ready, focus on your heart area and feel your heart. Can you feel your heart beating? Tell your animal how much you love him/her and tell him/her everything you like about them: their fur, their eyes, the way they run, etc…

Acknowledge the life force in them with respect… Don’t address them as babies or subhumans. Address them with love and respect, on a soul to soul level.

Then you can ask them playful questions and have a conversation with them.

Don’t have too much expectation, whatever happens, it will be just perfect!

Don’t rush into it, just take it one step at a time… your animal(s) can already hear you and see the images in your mind. You only need to be able to listen, open your heart and keep it open!

You might hear a voice in your head, or it may just be a feeling, an emotion, an image… whatever you receive, it will be just perfect, acknowledge it and say thank you.

Before you move on, say thank you and take some time to fill your heart with gratitude and love and send it all towards your animal(s)…

For more advice, you can watch the video I uploaded on How To Communicate with Your Dog(s) on my Youtube channel a while ago:


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  1. I love your ‘down to earth’ way of writing. I recently read a book by Marta Williams, animal communicator. She said pretty much what you said. She had an additional chapters on communication with nature (trees, rocks, etc.) and wildlife. (She was an environmental biologist). So now every morning I say hello to the big tree outside my house. I am getting answers from my pets from the questions I ask. I get words. Now I am talking to trees, rocks, plants, anything and everything! I still need to work on ‘just being’. I don’t know why that is so hard for me. And now my daughter is talking to our pets and getting responses. I love it! 🙂

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