Goodbye Tessa

Tessa’s last resting place in the back ¬†garden, one of her favourite places.

I had been connecting quite a lot with cats the couple of days before she left… Cats with messages for me and also for others, and it made me smile.

That night, Our dog was very agitated waking us up all night.

The next morning I had a funny feeling about Tessa, the old cat who used to live with us (She has never been our cat, she was our landlords cat and she came with the house). She wasn’t in her usual spot… the thought that she had been hit by a car came to my mind so I went to check on the sides of the lane, by the house. No. Nothing. As I was walking back to the front door, I saw her dead body lying in a puddle under the windows, at the front of our house. My first feeling was that she had been hit by a car and was thrown over the fence. Then as I was checking her stiff body, I found a bald patch on her side, and the trace of a bruise on her skin.

Later on that day, we saw a beautiful rainbow right over our house as we were driving back home, and it felt like a good omen for her.

Please join me in sending positive thoughts and prayers for Tessa’s transition… She passed away exactly a week ago.

Thank you 


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