Dawn adventures

This morning I was up and about at 4:30am, thanks to my lovely cat Henry who likes to wake me up around that time because he wants me to open the door, so he can go back to sleep on/under the deck chair on our patio (weather depending that is). So I get up, like a good and obedient cat slave, open the back door and watch him settling down, literally 1 metre from the glass door. I bet he is purring too.

I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn’t as this is my usual insomnia time. I thought: this is a great opportunity to go out and find a spot to settle in with my camera and do some street photography.

So I stretch. Knit the heel turn on that sock I’m currently knitting (the one with the Matisse’s painting colour way). Move a bit more to warm up my stiff body. Feed the dogs. Shower. Get dressed in my fav dungarees. Take my camera and a dog with me and head off to the local coffee shop – the one on the high street, that is dog friendly and open nice and early. I order myself an oat milk latté and a croissant. I settled in a comfy armchair by the window. The dog settled next to me, enjoying the aromatic blend of spices, freshly ground coffee, fresh pastries and biscuits and relaxing into the classical playlist in the back ground. I go in stealth mode and so does she: She rests on the floor next to me. I keep my camera ready and start people watching…

We walked down the high st, made it to a park, watched people running around in the mud and ended up at the pet shop to get some goodies.

I really enjoyed spending the first half of the morning hanging out with my dog and my camera, and I love street photography. To me this is the antidote to the celebrity culture that is bestowed upon us. I love the idea of reclaiming our right to document our lives, our culture, the place we live in, by photographing the streets and the people and animals who happen to be there. It’s the kind of content that makes social media, such as Instagram, much more interesting. Pointing the camera at people, in all anonymity.

Anyway I hope you had a great morning too!




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