Consultations & Mentoring

Mentoring Sessions:

I offer private mentoring for interspecies communication students and practitioners, whether you have attended one of my courses previously or not.

The aim of these sessions is to help you move through any blockages you may have stumbled across with ease and to help you deepen your practice.

Of course I would love for you to come to my workshops in person,  but Skype works perfectly well too.

If you have been on a course with me previously you will benefit from a discount of over 20% on mentoring sessions.

Mentoring sessions over Skype : £90 (around US$115) for 60 minutes.


To book, make a payment with the Paypal button above. I will get in touch with you shortly afterwards over email so we can arrange a time that works for both of us.

The session is minimum 1h long, but often runs longer.

If you have attended a workshop with me before, then you only pay £70 for 60 minutes – Email me to arrange payment.

Animal Communication Consultations: 

I can do remote Animal Communication consultations using a photograph of the animal you would like me to connect with.

I can help you with :

  • Behavior and training issues
  • Family transitions
  • Healing of trauma or fear from injury, abuse, or illness
  • End-of-life decisions and care
  • Communication with wild and “pest” animals
  • Communication with the spirits of animals who have died
  • Deepening your relationship with your animal friend and understanding your spiritual purpose together

If you want to book a consultation with me, please make a payment with the paypal button below. I will get in touch with you shortly to ask you to email me a photo of your animal, along with what your situation is. I will connect with him/her and email you a summary of our first exchange, so you can verify that I am speaking with your animal.

I will chat with your animal over a few sessions. Depending on the situation, we can arrange for me to talk to your animal at a time when you are available on messenger, if you wish to be involved live. Otherwise, we can email back and forth. I can email you a recap of what your animal told me and you can have a think about it and email me back with your questions. It can take a few sessions, depending on the situation. One payment covers it though. Sometimes it’s all done in one session, sometimes it takes a few sessions, but it doesn’t cost you more.

Animal Communication Consultation : £80 (around US$100)