Never really there.

I really thought that was the end of that. But clearly I was wrong. No signs, no evidence. Just shreds of paper. I could hear the unmistakable sounds… right above my head. One of the dogs could hear it too, even though she chose to ignore it. Maybe it’s the best way? Ignore it andContinue reading “Never really there.”

Do you believe in Dragons?

~”There were dragons when I was a boy…” (How To Train Your Dragon, Cressida Cowell) I feel like I have been bathing in the Dragon Energy for quiet some time now. The Chinese horoscope animal is the Pig this year, but not in my house. This year we came full circle with dragons… Dragons have been aContinue reading “Do you believe in Dragons?”

Autumn Tales

Autumn is slowly drawing to a close, with the winter solstice around the corner. Our walks are getting more wet and muddy. The sky displays gorgeous and ever changing artwork reflecting the light of the sun, hiding somewhere behind the clouds…

What if people think I’m crazy?

Dear friends, I hope you are well and that you are enjoying Autumn wherever you are. I’m now getting ready for my next 6 day workshop which will start in exactly a week from now. My last workshop at Emerson College was in early June. It was the end of Spring, the days were longerContinue reading “What if people think I’m crazy?”

The thread between Gustav Holst, Sanskrit, Star Wars and Time…

We went to the Royal Albert Hall yesterday. It was the first time I had ventured to this mythical venue. The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Ravi Shankar… just to drop a few names amongst the many great musicians who have blessed this place by their presence. The place worked its magic on me, as I discoveredContinue reading “The thread between Gustav Holst, Sanskrit, Star Wars and Time…”

Autumn Equinox catch up

Hello my dear friends, I hope you are all well and that you all enjoyed Spring, Summer and the Autumn Equinox, wherever you are! Here life is like the tide. In and out. Gentle rolling waves. Storms. Winds. Then deep, blue and calm again. My thoughts and ideas are like seagulls. Sometimes they blend inContinue reading “Autumn Equinox catch up”

The girl who loved stripes, words and seahorses…

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She had pink hair, green eyes and loved stripes. She wanted to become a writer so she could write stories about clouds turning into dragons, teapots filled with green smoke and horses living in a magic forest ruled by a panther, ridden with trolls and elves.