Sketchbook :: July 2016 ::

Today is the last day of World Watercolor Month 2016. Thank you Doodlewash for organising it and thank you everyone for taking the time to drop by and being so supportive with your kind words. It means a lot to me :)

Instead of sharing a sketch or a painting with you tonight, I made this video, just to say Thank You!

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Some small things that make me who I am…

Sometimes it’s the things you do while standing still that make up who you are.”

– Marcie Chambers Cuff,

The flat tyre on my car still didn’t get changed, but today I got around to darn two of Boy’s hand-knitted socks.

Oh and I finished a sock that I started on the 07th of February, according to my knitting notebook…

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The first two weeks of the year…


Boy made outfits for these two lucky devils… Pint Beastie has put his pint down for now, as he has been busy doing Super Hero work. It’s more rewarding than pint work, so he says… ;) and the Kraken was about to film his first scene in Boy’s Big Pirate Movie… but now he looks too smart to be scary…..

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Treasure Island in the living-room…

Today we have turned our tiny living-room into a film set, as the whole family is working on Boy’s film project.

My job consisted in making palm trees for the set… Under the watchful eyes of the moonstruck pup…

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On Holding onto our fears…

I wanted to share this message inspired by our dog, Tara – some of you may recognise the picture of her at the beginning as it’s the photo I use on my Gravatar profile – It’s about turning towards our fears and the resulting exhilaration that arises within us through the feeling of accomplishment.

Dogs conquer their fears – why can’t we?

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