Kynance Cove

We went back to Cornwall a few weeks ago… (the last time we went there was back then). It was our first holidays in a long time, and the very first ones with Nettle, who joined the family in January. I particularly enjoyed spending time in the beautiful Cornish outdoors, walking on the cliff tops […]

“Thank you!”

I’ve uploaded a new video to my youtube channel, as promised at the end of my “Telepathy with your dog” video: This is a guided practice for preparing you to communicate telepathically with your animals. I hope you will enjoy it and that you and your animals will get a better and deeper understanding of […]

I shed a tear

As I watch you play Your favourite seaside game On a windy day I see, what a shame, I wasn’t even watching. At the time, back then I was just busy talking Hiding in my den In my head, my thoughts I didn’t see the beauty Happening in front me. Luckily Tara filmed it And […]

On Connecting with the Heart…

As some of you, dear readers, may already know, I have spent some time over the last few years exploring the extremely profound experience one has when connecting with the heart. Heart to Heart communication can take many forms such as telepathy, animal communication but also art, poetry or music. It requires us to be open, to […]

How to connect with your animal(s)?

Happy Father’s Day! I often receive messages from people asking me questions about how they can connect telepathically with their dogs… Well that’s a good question but I think that you (yes, even you) already have the answer within… and you are just asking me because you lack the confidence to just trust yourself that […]

On feeling with your Heart…

Photo: I always knew that this path of connecting with animals would bring me back full circle to the beginning… Right back to the exact point where it all started… I knew I would eventually be pulled like a magnet towards being around horses again, even though after nearly 8 years of weekly dreaded […]

FocalHeart Newsletter!

Hi, Just to let you know: If you are interested in receiving a monthly update about what I’m up to and my latest encounters with animals and what they have to say, please: Subscribe to our newsletter I can’t believe this website is up and the newsletter is set up! it feels like it was […]

Telepathy with Your Dog

[youtube] I’ll do another video on the actual meditation practice which focuses on being in a heart centered space when you start communicating with your animal, as animal communication is very much a heart to heart communication. In this video I have decided to lay the foundations of how to approach animal communication, which […]