Do you believe in Dragons?

~”There were dragons when I was a boy…”
(How To Train Your Dragon, Cressida Cowell)

I feel like I have been bathing in the Dragon Energy for quiet some time now.

The Chinese horoscope animal is the Pig this year, but not in my house.

This year we came full circle with dragons…

Dragons have been a part of so many folk stories around the world. From China, India, Europe… But where are they now?

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Evening Spectres

Evening Spectre

I’ve been enjoying exploring new territories recently. It could be because Spring is only five days away, or perhaps it’s because change has been in the air here recently. I’m enjoying playing more, experimenting with lights and shadows, colours and textures….

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Childhood in the woods

Here are a few postcards for you: from me, from here, from now…

Thom+Nettle March 2019

Childhood in the woods… Looking for sticks and dragons… 

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The colours blend, and roll as one…


Sunday afternoon.

A walk around the ‘running around fields’.

Some time. Some family time.

Walking, quietly.

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Oya The Little Girl Who Turned Out To Be An African Goddess


I knitted a new doll last week and I went on an explorative journey.

I could write about every step of the process, but I feel like that would probably be boring. I found it very therapeutic, in a self-reflective way.

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The Wheel of Time…

I think a lot of people obsess with the weather when they are conversing. I have noticed that writers seem to be obsessed with time.

Here we are, at the end of May.

Boy turned 10 earlier on this month. I still dont understand where that time went…

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