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Family portrait

this is a

family portrait

we are treading that

path altogether.

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Photoshoot Archie – March 2019

Here is a recent photoshoot I did recently with young upcoming power lifter, Archie Reid. Archie is planning on beating the dead lifting world record in his age category soon and needed some pictures…

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The court of miracles…

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Dawn adventures

This morning I was up and about at 4:30am, thanks to my lovely cat Henry who likes to wake me up around that time because he wants me to open the door, so he can go back to sleep on/under the deck chair on our patio (weather depending that is). So I get up, like a good and obedient cat slave, open the back door and watch him settling down, literally 1 metre from the glass door. I bet he is purring too.

I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn’t as this is my usual insomnia time. I thought: this is a great opportunity to go out and find a spot to settle in with my camera and do some street photography.

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Evening Spectres

Evening Spectre

I’ve been enjoying exploring new territories recently. It could be because Spring is only five days away, or perhaps it’s because change has been in the air here recently. I’m enjoying playing more, experimenting with lights and shadows, colours and textures….

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Childhood in the woods

Here are a few postcards for you: from me, from here, from now…

Thom+Nettle March 2019

Childhood in the woods… Looking for sticks and dragons… 

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Blue flower_Fotor

Sometimes beauty can be found in very unlikely places… Like a contaminated junk yard in South East London…

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The colours blend, and roll as one…


Sunday afternoon.

A walk around the ‘running around fields’.

Some time. Some family time.

Walking, quietly.

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Clinging onto time…

~Trying to capture,

These fleeting moments:

Grains of sand, running through my fingers…

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Fast Asleep

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 14.45.25

January, February…

Sleep. In all its glory.