Our Time Here…

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I’m not sure if I will be able to put all this into words… I chose the images above as a way to convey hope, a love for nature and the small things in life.

Our Time Here:

Even though nature is in a crisis, and huge transformations and changes need to happen,

Even if the governments seem to make a point of getting it all wrong,

Despite the fact that money and the interests of a few people seem to prevail,

Over the fate of the planet and the rest of her inhabitants…

I have hope.

A moment in time…

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“Acknowledge where you are at that moment in time, and how it can change…”

On Sunday the 21st of June, I was joining other yogis in a tranquil garden to do 35 sets of sun salutations at 5am to celebrate the summer solstice. A tawny owl was hooting from a tree near us. I clearly remember the quality of every sound and how everything felt so vivid. Three hours in the zone where the notions of time and space don’t exist.

Just the rising sun, my friend the owl and me.

Today, exactly three months later, I can’t do any sun salutations at all.