Autumn Tales

Autumn is slowly drawing to a close, with the winter solstice around the corner.

Our walks are getting more wet and muddy. The sky displays gorgeous and ever changing artwork reflecting the light of the sun, hiding somewhere behind the clouds…

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Welcome 2018

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

As you are about to put the Christmas tree away and remove all traces of any festive season activities, before you recycle all these Christmas cards, WAIT! and read on…

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Autumnal Milestones

Well it’s Autumn. I have a real fondness for Autumn. I tend to wrap things up in Autumn. For me it’s a time when things just come together, when all of my ideas and ‘works in progress’ come to fruition.

This last week saw a couple of important milestones for me.

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‘Twas The Sunday Before Christmas…

Yesterday I took Boy to my Local Yarn Store, so he could carefully choose the yarn he liked best for me to knit him his very own hat, designed with his own requirements.

It had to be blue, because blue has always been his favourite colour… with a dash of red to stay in the Christmas Spirit…

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The weather forecast:

UK Overnight – Sunshine and showers, with frost for many overnight.
Showers will ease through the evening, leaving most places dry overnight. It’ll be a cold night, with frost for many, especially further north. Mist and fog is likely for some later in the night, this dense in some places.

That sounds like the weather forecast for the next four years…

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