Oya The Little Girl Who Turned Out To Be An African Goddess

I knitted a new doll last week and I went on an explorative journey. I could write about every step of the process, but I feel like that would probably be boring. I found it very therapeutic, in a self-reflective way.

What moves you?

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Does knitting for extended periods of time compromise our physical fitness? Credit https://iamachild.wordpress.com/2012/08/01/david-adolf-constant-artz-1837-1890-dutch/ I love knitting and I am sure you can say the same about yourself. I love crocheting too. I love yarn crafts of all kinds. I also love doing them for extended periods of time. Knitting…

Late Summer Night’s Dream…

I hope you are all enjoying the summer… Here I am getting busier and busier like a little bee, starting slowly to prepare for the Christmas fair at the end of November. I have never sold my knitting at a fair before, I’ll be sharing a table with a friend and fellow knitter and… weContinue reading “Late Summer Night’s Dream…”