Meet Eartha

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Eartha is my latest Spirit doll. She embodies the Earth element and is timely ready for the International Rebellion, that Extinction Rebellion has started today in London.

I knitted her with local yarn, grown by sheep who graze freely in and round Ashdown Forest, hand-dyed by me using chaga mushroom.

Her dress is made out of handspun Nettle yarn. Her hair is made out of hemp, her flowers are knitted with some bits of scrap yarn given by my mum years ago.

She embodies Sacred Activism, through reconnecting with the Earth, Nature – including all her inhabitants –  and her sustainable, local, natural resources which are freely available to us.

Collaboration: A beer with Carol!

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For those of you who don’t know yet, Carol and I are having virtual coffees together. It all started with an idea in the comment thread of one of her posts, and then it took shape at the end of this post of mine. Carol responded on her blog here. The idea is to have virtual coffee chats together, and explore a different approach to writing. I hope you will enjoy reading our chats as much as I enjoy writing them! Feel free to join in the conversation in the comments below!

Good Evening Carol!

Although I don’t really drink that much at all, I happen to be having a coconut beer tonight, while reading your post :)

So instead of a chat over coffee, it’s a bit more like a chat over a beer, I hope you don’t mind?

If I was having a chat with you in a cozy english pub right now, I hope we would be sitting by the fire and that the pub isn’t too noisy (it’s Friday night after all!).

Awards, Coffee, Nosferatu, Celebrity Dogs n’all that…

Crafts, crafts and feminism, creativity, Knitting, Nature, Personal musings, writing

I have received a few nominations for different blogging awards recently, and I must say, I feel very honoured that fellow bloggers have thought about me when it came to nominating other blogs. It’s nice to know that this blog is read and even sometimes appreciated by other reading beings. As many bloggers will know, sometimes you can feel a bit lonely when your posts don’t get any form of attention whatsoever.

I think that a big part of blogging is to outreach other people, to make new connections, and discover new blogs, new ideas, new content… and pass it on! Sharing is a big part of it. That’s why I’m writing this post, because I’d like to share with you the blogs I follow and all the very talented people who inspire me… Some are big, some are small… but they are all very interesting folks.


I’ve never been a very popular person. Probably because I’m not cool. I mean I don’t really look cool, I don’t follow any trends, I don’t know much about what’s trendy, what’s the hottest in anything…