Being seven


This is one of the frog who lives in our vegetable patch at the allotment…


This is a part of the forest we visit pretty much everyday at the moment. We clear debris from shipwrecks in that very stream (we have cleared the wrecks of the Fern, The Moss and Titanic only a few hours ago)… and Thom’s boat gave a lift to a spider and a woodlouse across the rapids of the red iron-rich waters.

I don’t know what tomorrow has in store, but I remind myself daily to enjoy and make the most of this special time… Being 7 is quite a magical time in one’s life, and the beauty of having children, is that we are given the opportunity to re live it all again, through them. We get the chance to put the 7 years old goggles back on and see the world through their eyes, a world just as it should be!

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      1. Oops, that wasn’t clear, though it could well be true. My daughter and her family are flying in from another state tonight. But my gorgeous daughter-in-law is due to have our fifth grandchild in a couple of days, so I wonder!

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