Barn owl (Tyto Alba)


Barn owls, everywhere

Magical sight in the air

Grand, powerful stare.

The first time I met you, barn owl, it was in the summer 2005. I was driving in the very early hours of the morning, on the motorway in the south east of France, on my way to Germany.

You appeared out of nowhere at dawn and your head violently hit my windscreen and bounced off in the air. I was so shocked as I got to see your face so close, but yet I couldn’t do anything for you… You left a lot of beautifully pure and white feathers in the radiator and a splash of blood on the windscreen. I couldn’t stop to see if you were alive or not. I couldn’t help you or save you. I was in shock. I did not see your body on the road when I looked back. I hoped and prayed with all my heart that somehow you flew off, stunned and found a safe place to recover from the concussion. That’s how Owl came into my life for the first time… And Owls have been with me ever since!


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