My Poems Nature writing

Calm in the midst of chaos

Root yourself into the ground;

Like a tree.

Years after years after years

Roots grow deep.

bird watching My Poems Nature writing

A few things…

What do you say to the country side,

when you come back after all these years?

The river in a hurry runs wild.

Bank swallows scheme and skim

over rising waters.

Bellies full of insects,

too soon they will gather.

Their departure grows near,

I miss them already.

Animal Communication Animals Dogs Interview Tara

Interview with my dog Tara

Tara is 14 years old.

She has been with us since Easter 2007. She has been through all the highs and lows of our family for the last 13 years. She was here when our son was born. She was here when our dog Jasmine was preparing to die. She has been a loyal and kind companion all these years.

I asked her if she would like to share her views on life with us.

Here is our conversation. I thought you may enjoy reading her…

Animal Communication Animals Dogs

Why do we need to have animals around us?

We love dogs. But do we really understand them?

We love our dog, but do we really know them? are we fully present? are we really listening?

How to decode unwanted behaviours? What is our dog trying to say?

Does your own behaviour even makes sense to your dog?

What is your dog trying to tell you?

My Poems portraits writing

Family portrait

this is a

family portrait

we are treading that

path altogether.

My Poems writing

Fire in the sky

as the sun disappeared

behind the horizon

the clouds make way, scattered

set the sky ablaze, sun.

Buddhism My Poems writing

Lama apricots

This is...
a flashback,
slice of a previous life.
from a time way back
when I was around 10
sharing apricots
with dear lama Purtse.
My Poems writing


give up your idols

they’re no longer needed

but carve your own path

My Poems writing

The Handmade Tale

Fairy tales are all man made.

Women wouldn’t write stories

portraying themselves as such

shallow, vain, fragile roses.

My Poems writing

A poem about a tree

Happy May Day / Beltane everyone.

I hope that the light that spring brings will warm your hearts and bones.