Welcome Autumn

Since writing this post at the beginning of the summer, Thom has been through a few sketch books and quite a large amount of paper… I have been a bit more savey. I’m still using the same book, and it looks a bit tattered now from being soaked with water wash for all sorts of […]

Rule of the Dragons…

This Summer was definitely under the Rule of Dragons. “Coming in contact with the air dragon can be as a bolt of lightning to the psyche and intellect – and as such must be treated with care and considerable respect. Sometimes manifesting as sudden flashes of illumination, Draig-athar brings insight and clarity to your thought […]

I shed a tear

As I watch you play Your favourite seaside game On a windy day I see, what a shame, I wasn’t even watching. At the time, back then I was just busy talking Hiding in my den In my head, my thoughts I didn’t see the beauty Happening in front me. Luckily Tara filmed it And […]

The samurai in me…

If death is coming, And flowers are made of love Then the sun setting, The river above The forest, the birds singing, all matter more than… …, …, … Sometimes I can’t tell if you’re for real or pretend, From heaven or hell. Life is just a spell, you’ll ride around the bend To the […]