Animal Communication

What Is Animal Communication?

Telepathic communication is a way of understanding others through images, feelings, sensations, thoughts, or deep knowing that is not based on verbal language. This is a natural, universal way for all beings, human and non-human, to communicate with each other. Humans have often lost this ability through our society’s emphasis on verbal and written language, and favoring mental “thinking” over communication from the heart.

The word “telepathy” means “feeling across a distance.” Human parents are often aware of this type of communication with their children. Animals communicate with each other and with humans in the same way. Telepathic communication is not complicated, or reserved for a “gifted” few. It is our natural birthright as living beings, and can be rediscovered with dedication and practice.

About Noémie – Short Version:

Noemie Girlies_Fotor
Noémie walked out of a successful career as a freelance photographer in France and moved to London to work full-time for the largest Animal Rights organization in the world.

After coordinating campaigns and demos all across Europe, she gave birth to her son and relocated to Sussex.

As far as she can remember she always had the ability to communicate with animals telepathically. She deepened her skills with a herd of 40 cows and their farmer, who was very open to animal communication. On the cow’s request, she started to run well attended workshops, starting with the cows first and then later with dogs.

She put her Animal Communication work on hold for a few years to take on a 500h+ yoga teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga. She wanted to explore and deepen her psychic abilities through the practice of yoga, learning techniques that have been used in yogic traditions for millennia.

After successfully completing her training she is now a fully qualified yoga teacher and is running Animal Communication workshops again.

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Long Version:

I have had a deep connection with animals ever since I can remember, and I could often feel what the animals were feeling.

Communicating telepathically with animals used to really fascinate me when I was a kid: I could hear clearly everything the animals were saying and I was very surprised when I realized that it wasn’t the case for everyone else.

I remember asking my Dad if it was possible for me to have a conversation with our cat Zoé when I was very young…

Me+CatsLittle Me in the early 80’s having an important meeting with the cats…

As a kid my best friends were my grandparent’s dogs and cats (Pupuce and Minette, above), my own cat (Zoé, above) and the horses from the stables that I used to visit weekly

I used to spend one entire day there every week, at the time I was taking horse riding lessons but as the instructor told my dad: “She loves horses more than she enjoys riding them”. She was spot on! I was dreading the actual lessons but would cherish every moment I got to spend in the stables conversing with the horses!

As a child I felt closer to animals than to people and had such a deep bond with them which allowed me to connect with them whenever I wanted to.

Oscar, my childhood best friend.


Oscar was my childhood best friend (pictured above). He was deaf and I do believe that this is what made me develop my animal communication skills from very early on: as he couldn’t hear me talking to him out loud, so I had to find another way.

In the early 2000’s, as a professional photographer I decided to explore behind the scenes of the meat industry in France. I visited a conventional dairy farm for Christmas with a hidden camera. The experience was very traumatic for me as I could feel physically the anxiety and pain of the cows that had just given birth, and had their calves taken away from them immediately afterward.  I just couldn’t stop crying and apologising in the name of the human race for the misery and torture that was inflicted upon them. It took me a while to recover from this experience emotionally.

Then one evening I managed to infiltrate a slaughter house. I was among the pigs just about to be slaughtered so I could see first hand how they were being handled, kicked and shocked with a cattle prod. They were trying to bite the person unloading them with quite a lot of aggression, but none of them ever tried to bite me. I was stroking them and talking to them, apologizing.

A few weeks later I went to an Animal Market in the French countryside and connected with the sheep, goats and donkeys… who were all terrified and begging for help. I could only clench my teeth, suffer through it and hold on tight to my camera and just take as many pictures as I could. During my encounters with these animals, I was trying to take portraits of them, to capture the expression in their eyes so that others could connect with their souls, in the hope that looking at them in the eyes would make people reflect on their personal relationship with the animal kingdom and nature in general…

“During my encounters with these animals, I was trying to take portraits of them, to capture the expression in their eyes so that others could connect with their souls, in the hope that looking at them in the eyes would make people reflect on their personal relationship with the animal kingdom and nature in general…”

Despite all my efforts, it fell on deaf ears. Mostly.

This feeling of injustice made me angry and turned me into an Animal Rights activist. I got involved in a lot of protests and demos and ended up working as a full time campaign coordinator for the largest Animal Rights organization in the world. I saw behind the scenes of that too which was at times very stressful and unpleasant with negative emotions such as guilt used as a motivational strategy…

Back in the days I did all sort of demos and mad stunts across Europe to raise awareness about the conditions animals are treated today. But I think this was my favourite one, which was for Tibetan Volunteers for Animals, in India, during a teaching from His Holiness The Dalai Lama :

tibetan volunteer
This picture of me was taken in India during a teaching of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. During this event, He kept begging people to go vegetarian or to at least reduce their meat consumption as much as possible and have gratitude and mindfulness if they must eat meat for health reasons.

My experience as an animal rights activist made me realized that anger, frustration and guilt were not a good foundation for creating lasting change, quite the opposite in fact.

As I realized later, compassion, gratitude and a flexible open mind are the only attributes necessary to catalyze change. Without that change is not possible. The practice of yoga and especially meditation have helped me a lot on this journey of self-discovery.

I fully embraced my ability to communicate telepathically with animals while meeting cows again…

This time at my local biodynamic dairy farm! I lost myself in the contemplation of the cows and naturally started to connect with them and found myself having a conversation with them! The farmer who was very, very close to his cows, was standing there watching. He approached me and started to ask me about it, as if he had heard everything!

What followed were a lot of weekly evenings sitting in the barn with the cows, writing a lot of notes that I would share with the farmer after each session – He was very supportive and would confirm the accuracy of what the cows had told me.

The cows taught me everything. They want me to help animals and humans have a better connection and understanding of one another.

Belladonna (background) and Dolly (foreground) telling me that I need to focus more on being able to
Belladonna (background) and Dolly (foreground) telling me that I need to focus more on being able to “feel” things rather than “word” them: “Don’t spend too much time trying to word it right. Focus on feeling it right!”

At the very minute of my very first session with the cows, a cow called Belinda told me that it was important to get people to come and sit down with the cows to spend time with them as she believed that ignorance is what makes humans disconnected from animals. She said that if only we could get humans to come and spend time with cows (and farmed animals), then like the Grinch, their hearts would grow a few sizes bigger…

The cows clearly expressed the wish for their profile to be raised. They want to be seen as individuals with different personalities and they would love people to come and spend time with them. They truly see the cow/human connection as a strong thread that has been weaving us and them together for millennia and they believe that they have a lot to offer to humans – far more than milk alone.

They see themselves as healers, which is why we all feel so much better for spending time with them! They live at a much slower pace than us and are a lot more grounded! When I felt ready, I offered to facilitate an Animal Communication workshop for anyone on the farm that felt interested and it was unanimously well received by all who attended.

At the time I was the farm’s animal communicator: I was sharing with them how the cows felt, what they wanted and how we could make their lives happier. This experiment was extremely interesting as we were trying to see what it would be like to include the cows needs and viewpoints into farming.

I kept going to that farm regularly to sit down and communicate with the cows. I facilitated another workshop over a few Sunday afternoons, this time, it was open to everyone. The local vet and the new farmer came along and very interesting conversations  took place.

Belinda was sent off to slaughter just under a year before that workshop, but she was with us, I could feel her presence and one of the attendees could clearly feel her right behind her for a while.

When asked what they wanted, the cows expressed a wish for people to come and spend time with them, and  they wanted to keep their calves until they are of adolescent age, so they can have time to fulfill their role as a parent and prepare their young to be in the world.

These cows had a big impact on me. They asked me to write a book to tell their story. At the time I didn’t feel ready. I didn’t feel I could put into words all the experiences I had with them and through them.

I wanted to learn more about the sacredness of cows and explore further my psychic abilities through yoga and meditation. I completed a 500h+ Yoga Teacher Training with the British Wheel of Yoga, to deepen my understanding of the psychic centres and the yogic techniques used for millennia. The book – their book — has been slowly simmering on the back burner. It’s been a very deep journey, and it’s getting there!


I think everyone communicates telepathically, without necessarily being aware of it! It’s just a case of embracing it as a possibility and practicing it regularly to exercise that part of our consciousness – the part that seldom gets put to use.

That’s why I love running workshops. Empathy is my gift but being of service to others is my passion and it brings me a lot of joy to be able to help humans and animals have a better understanding of one another.





Frog said:
Frog said: “Humans need to help the wild animals and the wildlife, we need it! Help the wildlife in your garden or in your area. Don’t assume that wild animals would rather be left to take care of themselves, this is no longer the case. Things are beyond that now and in order to survive a lot of wild animals need a bit of support… so feed the wild animals who live around you, build a pond in your garden to support us… Humans have caused a lot of damage on wildlife and now we need humans help to undo what they’ve done. It’s important for our survival. More and more wild animals go close to human habitats to see if they can find help or just scavenge some food. We are on the decline, our habitats are fragile and we need help. Thank you for washing me and taking such good care of me.”

Thank you for reading 🙂


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  1. Hi, I think this is awesome what you are doing and sharing! I have read a lot of blogs and yours is the most heartfelt I have found. It really touched me. I am very impressed and would like to make a page for you on my pet care blog. I have never wanted to do this for anyone. I think you have a great message to share. I liked what you said about vegans. Very profound. I am an animal welfare activist. I work with rescue dogs. I am teaching myself animal communication which is how I found you on youtube. My pet care blog is if you would like to check it out.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I have read a lot of animal (pet) blogs and yours really touched my heart! I would like to make a page for you on my pet care blog, i have never done this for anyone before. i want to share your message as well. i work with rescue dogs and teaching myself animal communication, which is how i found you on youtube. my blog started out as general pet care, then went holistic as i went holistic. i write mostly about dogs. i practice reiki, japanese touch healing system. i use mostly on dogs and cats, recently added horses to my reiki practice at a friends house who owns morgans. my blog is if you would like to check it out. thanks, paula

  3. Thank you for your kind words Paula, it means a lot to me! that’s so kind of you to offer me a space on your blog, I’d be honored to bring my humble contribution to your work! I just checked your blog, your animal family looks very beautiful 🙂

  4. You are welcome and thanks for the kind words about my animal family. They are my life!I am sending you a link you might be interested in. Laurie Reyon is an interspecies communicator/healer and receives messages from whales and dolphins in San Diego, CA. I have met her several times. She also receives messages from her cat, Master Puddah.

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