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Hi, I’m Noémie… I am a yoga teacher. My classes are about feeling the postures from the inside out and what they do for you, rather than focusing on ‘doing’ the postures perfectly. My classes can be gentle, restorative or more challenging, depending on the needs of the student(s).

I run weekly Yoga for Backs classes in Forest Row, but I am also available for 1-2-1 tuitions in the Sussex/ Surrey area, whenever and wherever you like!

Contact me for more information or check out my upcoming classes:

Yoga For Backs on Monday evenings in Forest Row:

Warrior Arts Fitness Studio – Unit 14a, Riverview Business Park, Station Road, RH18 5FS

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Random things about me…

Professional photographer turned yoga teacher.

Animal lover, watercolorist and avid knitter

…I am fascinated by animals, especially birds. I started painting them a few years ago, to get to know them.

I have a foundation in Tibetan Buddhism as I have been surrounded by that culture since I was born, and have been studying yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga for over 500h over the past 4 years.

I have been living with back injuries for a few years, and I got to explore the benefits of yoga and pranayama (breath control exercises) to relieve chronic pain.

Yoga resets me and helps me to connect with myself. When I start to move on my yoga mat, I feel like I’m going back home, which is a very comforting feeling for an expat such as myself.

I enjoy my daily soul strolls in the woods, with my son and my dogs.

I love…

Yoga, wild woods, woolly knits, wool, my box of watercolour paints, birds, birdwatching, warm drinks, very good chocolate, foraging wild foods, good stories, watching animals, talking with dogs, the sea side, books, woodland walks with my son and our two dogs…


Me and my partner in crime Oscar

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13 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank You so much! :) I’ve only discovered your blog this weekend, and I must say, I have spent quite a while browsing your posts yesterday and absolutely love your blog, we seem to have a lot in common! :)

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