Why do we need to have animals around us?

Animal Communication, Animals, Dogs

We love dogs. But do we really understand them?

We love our dog, but do we really know them? are we fully present? are we really listening?

How to decode unwanted behaviours? What is our dog trying to say?

Does your own behaviour even makes sense to your dog?

What is your dog trying to tell you?

I have made a video about this, seven and half years ago:

I often see people projecting their own fears onto their dogs.

A lot of dogs want to please their person so much. They really want to make us happy. They absorb our stress, emotions and traumas like sponges to the point were a lot of people’s mental health relies on having their dog nearby.

But what are we giving them in return? Food, shelter, toys…

And we boss them around. We ask them to perform cheap tricks because the illusion of  ‘being in control’ gives us a sense of security?

Today I’m inviting you to sit down.

Sit down, on the floor with your dog(s) and spend some time just being with them. Give them your undivided attention.

Go for a long walk in Nature with your dog(s). Have a cuddle. Throw a ball…

Take some time out of your day to be with your dog(s), in a spirit of gratitude and joy.

Tell them: Thank you. thank you for being in my life and always being here for me. I love you.

This is real dog therapy and it is mutually beneficial. For I guarantee you that both you and your dog will feel great afterwards.



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