The Handmade Tale

My Poems, writing

Fairy tales are all man made.

Women wouldn’t write stories

portraying themselves as such

shallow, vain, fragile roses.

If a woman was to write

such tale about her rescue,

she would have her own weapons.

No swords, spears or javelins,

but she would use her own brains

instead of phallic objects.

She would talk the wicked witch

out of her evil plans,

she’d tell her that the real foes

in this man made society

are the males who seek power

and tell women to be small.

She’d join forces with the witch

get the dragon onboard too,

ask Prince Charming where he stands

on such feminist issues.

True to the chivalry code

the knight would have offered to

put his sword to their service

and speak up for women too.

That would save a lot of grief

to many generations

of women raised to believe

they need a man to save them,

to be able to function.

Morality: most women

can write their own story books

where they are the heroine

and make their own handmade tale.

I took this picture nearly a year ago. I find it goes well with this poem.

Let me know what you think in the comments :)



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