A tale of motherhood

My Poems, Thom, writing

It begins like a Tempest,

With a storm at sea.

I do feel like adulthood

is over rated.

It’s a palette of feelings:

You threw me off track,

For I was going: Nowhere.

You drew me a map,

full of oceans and colours.

I am the ocean.

Changing with the elements.

The colours, are you:

Joyful, ridden with pirates

having tea parties

planning their next adventures.

I’m big, strong and deep.

Some days I sink inside me

On others, I’m peace.

Peace and eternal patience.

But storms rage inside:

I think I’m just an old wreck,

my days are over.

I’ve missed the tide, it’s too late

I’m marooned and doomed,

Forgotten in the dark caves:

~ My Watery Grave ~

But I’m an anchor, daily.

The sea is changing

the white horses are pulling.

I’m filled with whales, sharks,

dolphins and octopuses,

jellyfishes, narwhals, crabs.

Just like the ocean,

I’m changing with the tides, too.

trying to grow, still,

while being here for you all,

as well as myself.

Listening, looking, cleaning:

A balancing act

juggling, spinning many plates.

It’s called motherhood.

Some say it’s overrated,

I’d say it’s harder

than most people will tell you.

It’s deep, like the sea,

filled with forsaken islands.

It’s also a quest,

and a roller coaster ride

with nuggets in it:

of gold, wine and chocolate.

Is it all worth it?

In a heart beat, I’d say “Yes!”

For the map you drew,

is a new trajectory

I’ve been treading on

its tracks for the past 12 years,

through forests and hills.

I’ve learned so much on the way:


is a path littered with gold,

dishes and laundry.

Long hours and exhaustion,

rain falls and blue skies,

thunder storms, Lightning McQueen.

When the clouds disperse,

the world falls silent and still

I get a quick glimpse

of what happiness feels like.

=> This poem is dedicated to all the mamas and carers out there, especially during Lock down. It is also for my son who is turning 12 in only a few weeks time!

The picture of the shipwreck at the top is from September 2013, back when we first discovered it, in 2013.

We revisited it again, during another visit in Cornwall in 2015.



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