Cows know the way

My Poems, writing

Cows know their way home.

They know when to venture out

When the grass is sweet

then they know when to head back,

up the beaten track.

They go back where their heart is,

No regrets or fear

Pass the fields, pass the shipwrecks

Farm machinery,

Wanderers, witch and wizards.

They walk back and forth,

all throughout spring and summer,

brave, through grief and joy.

The ghosts from the past whisper,

words from the unseen.

The shadows of tomorrow,

filled with promises

Sugar coated but hollow.

Time, healer and thief,

doesn’t seem to torture cows.

Chewing grass, they know:

Secrets of eternity

are to be found, deep,

in the oyster of our heart.

The cows know full well…

We are really just walking

each other back home.



(Picture: A fond memory of time spent with the cows on my local biodynamic dairy farm back in 2012)

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