From the water’s edge

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Here is a series of pictures I recently took from the water’s edge in Weirwood Reservoir, which is one of my favourite places around here. It is a big body of water made of the Medway River – even though it is only a stream at that point (the Medway starts around here), there is a dam at one end which keeps the water contained here. Although it is man made, it is such a beautiful place and a great haven for wild life…

This series reminds me of the song Riverside, by Agnes Obel, so I thought I’d share with you the actual song below. The words are under the photographs.

This series has my favourite ingredients:

I love watching geese. I love being near big bodies of water. I love the sunset… so a peaceful evening watching geese – and my son kayaking – on the reservoir in the sunset is such a treat!

water's edge

“Down by the river by the boats
Where everybody goes to be alone
Where you won’t see any rising sun
Down to the river we will run…

water surface

When by the water we drinks to the dregs
Look at the stones on the riverbed
I can tell from your eyes
You’ve never been by the riverside
Down by the water the riverbed
Somebody calls you somebody says
Swim with the current and float away
Down by the river every day…
thom kayaking
Oh my god I see how everything is torn in the river deep
And I don’t know why I go the way
Down by the riverside

Egyptian Geese3

When that old river runs past your eyes
To wash off the dirt on the riverside
Go to the water so every near
The river will be your eyes and ears

egyptian goose 2

I walk to the borders on my own
Fall in the water just like a stone
Chilled to the marrow in them bones
Why do I go here alone

Egyptian Goose_Fotor

Oh my god I see how everything is torn in the river deep
And I don’t know why I go the way
Down by the riverside”
canadian geese1
~ Words ©Agnes Obel ~ “Riverside”
~Photographs ©FocalHeart AKA me :)

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